Queen Coaching Program
 Queen Coaching Program

Living as an Authentic, Fully Expressed, Unapologetic Woman & Creating the Life you Choose.


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In This Six Month Program You Will Learn

to consistently embody your inner queen, and
to take charge of and create the life of your dreams


  • Access to Sand live 3 times each month
  • Group coaching to help you navigate whatever circumstances you face
  • Q & A sessions to ground your understanding and accelerate your learning
  • New and Full Moon Breathwork Journeys to allow you to access the guidance of the Ancestors
  • VIP sessions prior to each Breathwork Journey to allow you to maximize the impact of these Journeys
  • Monthly accountability practices to keep you on track towards your goals
  • Embodiment assignments and life-changing practices to create new possibilities immediately
  • Private online community of like-minded women, supporting and cheering each other on
  • A well-stocked library of powerful tools and recordings to inspire your continuing journey





3 x Individual Coaching Sessions with Sand
6 x Individual Coaching Sessions with Sand


In these personal coaching sessions you get Sand’s unparalleled support as coach, sacred mirror, seer and champion.

The Promise of this Program

The Promise of this Program


  • INTEGRATE your wild, unapologetic feminine self into the four main areas of your life - health, wealth, relationships and work.
  • Step out as the FULLY EXPRESSED self - bold, daring and with your saboteurs in check - as you reach BEYOND your edges.
  • Master the practice of staying on track every day - even as your dreams get bigger.
  • Lavishly receive the life of your choosing - be ready to claim what is yours.
  • Deepen the connection to your North Star so that she's always accessible to you - xx
  • EXPRESS your uniqueness - in Voice, Purpose  - and that juicy, free, feminine power.
  • Reinforce sisterhood as a haven and other women as your powerful allies and resources - rising together.
  • Expand your creativity - and dare to dream EVEN bigger
  • Establish your body as your sanctuary - and come home to your own sensual self 

The tools, strategies and consistency you need to live your Authentic, Fully Expressed, Unapologetic Life of your Choosing.



  • All events occur online via Zoom
  • Group Coaching Sessions meet on the second Saturday morning of each month
  • Ancestral Breathwork Journeys are twice per month, on the Tuesday or Thursday closest the Full and New Moon, at 6pm PST.
  • VIP sessions will occur 30 minutes prior to each Breathwork Journey
  • No Breathwork Journeys in July or December

"I feel like I shed layers and layers of this heaviness that was holding me back and now I'm starting to become the woman that I want to be ..."


Supreet C.

"I’ve had seismic shifts - reverberations hitting me long after the actual sessions, catching me in moments of silence and taking my breath away with the simple surgical accuracy of what it is that must be let go of. My inner child has wept, rejoiced, rebelled, received, played, and I’ve been able to release so much. In the space I have emptied and reclaimed, my Queen has emerged. I no longer see myself as separate to her but as living in me, ALIVE and ready - because I am now."


Alison A.

"It's a whole new sense of trust that I have when I wake up in the morning. And it's like every cell in my being and in my body just knows that it's going to be okay. And that is such a different way to navigate through life.
I remember the first time that I met Sand...she made me see myself in a new way, a really beautiful way. And I feel like her seeing the beauty in me, made me see the beauty in myself. And it gave me the courage and strength to look at some of the things that are hard in my life.
If you're debating this program, I would definitely say dive in. It's gonna be a marker on your life and you're gonna remember the before and after. It's gonna be something that changes how you see yourself in the mirror. It's gonna change your mind, your body and your soul."


Tulip D.

"To the woman who feels on the fence about whether to commit I would say, I've been in your shoes, and I understand what that feels like. But if you can take this leap of faith, it will pay off a hundredfold. It'll pay off in so many different ways, for the rest of your life and through the people around you and through the next generations. I feel these are the kinds of things you should be learning in school or from family, because they're so important, about yourself and about the universe. And so, if you can, just go for it."


Sonya J.

There comes a time in the life of a woman when her self-worth is no longer found without…
A time when empty compliments, new lovers, and more “likes” don’t concern her…
When her sense of self-worth is felt deep within her own soul. 

There comes a time in the life of a woman when her value is no longer dependent upon how much she does, how much she makes, or how put together her life appears…
A time when the opinions others hold of her no longer matter…
When above all else, she prioritizes how her life feels, rather than how it looks.

There comes a time in the life of a woman when she’s no longer ashamed of her naked body…
A time when she fully embraces every curve, every stretch mark, and every dimple...
When her sexuality and ecstasy is one of deep feminine intimacy, compassion & self-love.

There comes a time in the life of a woman when her voice can no longer be silenced, her power can no longer be denied, and her purpose can longer be ignored...
A time when she stops living for others…
When she realizes she is, and has always been, all that she needs.

For the past three decades I've helped thousands of women, all over the globe, uncover and claim their voice, purpose, passion and power. 

My unique teachings combine ancient wisdom with the best of modern psychology, sacred magic with vision and action.

I've dedicated my heart, soul, and spirit to supporting the Feminine Rising, helping them to embody the Divine feminine and the wisdom, magic and power she bestows on us. 

I envision a world where every woman and girl can step into Sovereignty over her own life