A Modern Medicine Woman, Seer, Trailblazer, Spiritual Mentor, Ancestral Breathwork Teacher & Guide, Mother, Wife, Grandmother, and general BADASS who is FIERCELY PASSIONATE about supporting women move from limitation to LIBERATION! 

I've been offering transformational journeys and supporting women in making EXTRA-ORDINARY change in their lives for over 35 years. As a former social worker working with incarcerated women, victims of domestic abuse and women struggling with addiction. As a Spiritual business coach helping female entrepreneurs power up their organizations and go against the grain. As an online Mentor and Coach for women looking to make LONG LASTING changes from old toxic patterns, behaviors, and stories to RECLAIM her voice, passion, and purpose! As a Breathwork teacher, I assist women in releasing old wounds and trauma to emotionally, mentally & physically uncoil so they can gain insights, healing, and clarity to live the life they came here to live! 

Some of my work pulled me into the digital realm, where I create powerful spaces that evoke life-changing transformation. Some of my work is designing, curating, and leading intimate 'Truth and Love' Women's Retreats where women access deeper parts of their wholeness and AUTHENTICITY!

Ultimately, I'm here to help you discover and claim the power, purpose, and beauty inside of you. To support you in living your full, authentic expression of the Divine Feminine.

Growing up in the north of England, this life seemed both out of sight and out of reach. Leaving my small town and picking a non-traditional career seemed ambitious, let alone moving to California and establishing a thriving online business for myself. I've always been a rebel, a trailblazer, and a woman unafraid to rock the damn boat.

I am constantly breaking free of social conventions and other people's expectations - to create the life I came here to live - and to help other women do the same!
Stepping into this life took many dark nights of the soul and a heap of faith.
There were no signposts.

For the last THREE DECADES I found and worked with teachers, mentors, medicine women/men, shamans, gurus, and plant medicines that helped me to dream bigger, expand my horizons, learn skills, activate my inner ancestral wisdom, and reignite my gifts to see energies - all as an initiation to commune with the Cosmic Realms. In 1996, I had nightly visitations, for FIVE years, from the Ancestors and the spirits in the unseen realms. They gave me courage, downloads, insights, guidance, and a DEEP REMEMBERING that it was my LEGACY to step out and step up - and be a TRAILBLAZER for other women to do the same!  

I believe stories carry such powerful medicine, and sharing them is the lifeblood of human connection.  

All of this experience and the medicines I've been blessed with are in service of you and your courageous journey to claim who you truly are and express what you came here to express!

The Alchemist

Thoughts, habits, limits, blocks: it's all energy. And alchemy is the power to transmute energy. To mine gold from the darkest shadows of self.

My capacity is to create containers and hold space for that alchemy to happen. Because this is where profound transformation occurs.

The Sacred Mirror

One of the most powerful gifts that we can offer each other as women is to reflect the many dimensions of another's own story and experience.

When you bring your commitment to transformation, I am your sacred mirror until you can see yourself, whole and complete.

The Trail Blazer

Since my days as a social worker and an advocate for the marginalized, I have had a deep passion for justice and fairness.

I won't shirk from speaking truth and bringing fire when we need to ignite great change.

In You. In Me. In the World.

The Medicine Woman

My role is as bridge between spirit and form. Dancing between the realms of seen and unseen.

An intrinsic aspect of my ability to serve is my relationship with The Ancestors, opening up a channel through which ancient wisdom and healing energy can pour in.

My Prayer For You

is that you hear a whisper in these words, the call of Life Herself to women everywhere-

to step forward boldly,

to shake off the limitations placed on us for centuries, and

to shine with the full power and brilliance we hold inside.

My role, should you allow it, is to guide you in your own divinely-ordained ascension into Sovereignty. Then to support you to discover and embody the unique array of medicines and powers you are here to contribute to healing, balancing and leading our world.


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