Hi dear ones, I'm Sand Symes

Hi dear ones, I'm Sand Symes

I’m a modern medicine woman, shamanic practitioner, seer, transformational coach and entrepreneur.

I'm blessed to bridge the wisdom of the spiritual and physical realms — weaving together ancient shamanic practices and wisdom from my guides and ancestors with Quantum Physics, modern day psychology and the best of the personal development movement.

For more than three decades, I’ve been an advocate for women: I've been a social worker, business coach and a healer. I've supported victims of domestic abuse and successful female entrepreneurs, women behind bars and those trapped in their own limiting beliefs.

Because of my own personal journey, I understand the wounds that women carry and the obstacles we face. As a seer I can literally see the patterns of this wounding and also the light, the potential and the unique medicines inside women.

I bring all of this in service of the awakening of Feminine Wisdom here in these challenging and incredibly potent days of women rising up here on Planet Earth!

What is a Medicine Woman?

What is a Medicine Woman?

The medicine woman is one of the most important and ancient roles. Since the earliest days medicine women have brought the gifts derived from beyond this 3-D ream. We have been the wise woman, the visionary, the seer, the intuitive, the healer, the sexual priestess, and truth-holder.

We hold the gifts of energy healing and expanded consciousness. We tend bodies and hearts and souls. We can converse with the ancestors of the past and see into new futures. Our passion is to serve and restore harmony, balance and healing to humanity and the Earth.

In times past these gifts were often cultivated in family lines. Our gifts of vision and healing were honored and integrated into every life we served. We brought wisdom and humility to powerful rulers through our oracle gifts that brought guidance from spirit. We tended the worship of the Goddess through honoring the cycles and fertility of the Earth. Our far-seeing shamanic vision was ancient medicine for the soul. Our myths and stories restored the meaning to even the deepest suffering. We held the keys to our sexual power and that of the divine union between masculine and feminine.

For a while, across many cultures, the various roles played by medicine women were suppressed, condemned, punished, distorted and eventually forgotten as patriarchal domination denied the value of the feminine and denigrated women and Earth as evil and inferior. The heart of feminine power was forgotten and even women forgot to see themselves as powerful.

What is the role of the Medicine Woman today?

The Medicine Woman is now returning. Millions of women on this planet hold these powers deep within their hearts and wombs. And many have already claimed these powers and put them to use in a myriad of ways; as healers and guides, coaches and teachers, entrepreneurs and founders, trailblazers and thought leaders, artists and carers.

The medicine woman in all of her guises is playing a vital role in bringing forth the expression of feminine brilliance: as wisdom, holistic perspective, connection, and fierce, uncompromising, unconditional love. She is midwife to a generation of women claiming their voice, their power and their sovereignty.


My prayer is that you hear a whisper in these words or feel a subtle vibration from these ideas. Life Herself is calling us, as women to step forward boldly, shaking off the limitations placed on us for centuries, and shining with the full power and brilliance we hold inside.

My role, should you allow it, is to escort you in your own divinely-ordained awakening, your ascension into Sovereignty and the unique array of medicines and powers you are here to contribute to the balancing and healing of our world.

Eternal love,