modern medicine woman, coach, spiritual teacher, shamanic practitioner, and intuitive healing guide. 

It has been my honor and privilege to have supported women for over three incredible decades. To be their guide, mentor, teacher, cheerleader and sacred mirror as they move through old patterns, karmic ties, shadows of the past, childhood trauma, relationship break ups, health issues and lack of self-worth – and transform these old patterns of behaviors into becoming the Truth of who they really are: powerful, radiant Women Rising.


You have shown me so much abundant love that my heart bursts at the thoughts of how generous of spirit and heart you are. You are an angel on my shoulder!


Terry Davis

As a young girl I saw and felt people's energy. I would worship the sun and gaze up at the stars. Only later did I realize they were seeding a powerful prayer within me.

As you might guess, this didn’t sit well with the adults around me and soon my connection faded.

But over the years Spirit kept knocking, I was reacquainted with the unseen realms, ancestors were at my bedside asking if I was ready to begin my life's work and ignite the prayer in my heart. 

Mystical moments followed, dark nights of the soul too, as my dreams began to awaken me to the nature of Truth. And through it all, that prayer was growing, my heart was expanding and my soul was responding to the call of Spirit, crying inside of me: Wake up – Rise up – Speak up.

That is how I came to stand before you now.

Sand's healing presence is a rare and beautiful trait that is what's missing from all of our lives. All of us need some Sand!


Jenice Wilson

At the age of 2 or 3 visiting the lush green valleys of South Wales far away from the industrial town that was home. My senses exploded; smelling, tasting, feeling and hearing Mother Earth for the very first time.

As a little girl I was given the label of being too sensitive, and from a very early age  I felt that I never quite fitted in to any environment that I was in. I remember being seven years old sitting on my coat in the playground of my primary school, with my girlfriends, we were doing sun salutations. When I was 11 I was such a free spirit in school that I was bullied tremendously, locked up in lockers and spat at. In that visceral experience of injustice I knew I had to find my voice, to speak up. 

In my early 30's I traveled to South Africa. I found myself in the cell where Nelson Mandela had been for all those years.  I hung back so I could go last into that tiny 8 by10 foot concrete space, then lay down on the floor. I wanted to really tune into what it was like for a being of his magnitude to find inside himself the medicines of forgiveness and compassion for the people who had incarcerated him. A profound sense of prayer settled on me and I began asking "what is mine to do in a world of such injustice and suffering". And I began to hear answers, right there on Robben Island and through the years since, guiding my career through social work, education and beyond, helping marginalized people find voice.

More than a decade ago, on one of my first visits to the people of the Amazon rainforest, I sat in a circle with an Achuar shaman during a ceremony with Grandmother Ayahuasca. His question, "Why are you not using your medicines?" pierced me. Confronted me. Did I have the courage to recognize and own the gifts planted in my heart? To be a hollow bone? And how would I put them to use? The answers that came are revealed by the pages of this website and in the ways I have been taught to help guide you back home, dear sister, to yourself, your birthright, your unique feminine self.

Sand is a powerful. loving. full of light teacher, healer, divine energy warrior Goddess, that carriers us all into the Truth, Love & Light.


Tracy A.

The world needs Feminine Wisdom. It's been lost from our lives and our culture. We've lost the ancient teachings that enshrined this wisdom and helped keep our societies and Mother Earth in balance. We are paying the price in so many ways.

You, dear sister, are a conduit for this wisdom. You are a carrier of life. You have a perspective that this world needs to hear.

With each woman who reclaims her voice the Divine Feminine is further revealed in all of her beauty, grace and love. And our precious world moves back toward balance.

So I am a stand for your personal growth and your spiritual depth. In combination these will allow you to shape the life you came here to life and be an invaluable instrument of this timeless, sacred feminine wisdom. 

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