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Meet Sand Symes.

Modern Medicine Woman,
Shamanic Practitioner,
Psychedelic Guide,
Mentor & Visionary.

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Sand Symes is one of the most sought-after mentors in the psychedelic field, specializing in helping women ready to expand, express, and elevate themselves. With a distinguished career that spans over four decades, including years as a dedicated social worker, Sand expertly guides women to reshape their identities and amplify their visions, empowering them to live authentically and vibrantly.

Her deep-rooted expertise is enriched by extensive shamanic training under the guidance of a Peruvian Medicine woman, spanning a 16-year apprenticeship. Additionally, Sand has gained profound insights from her revered medicine teachers of the Ecuadorian rainforest, the jungles of Peru, and the Cosmology of the First Nations people. Yet she gives the medicine plants themselves, the full honor of being her most powerful teachers of all. Her wisdom and experience come from a powerful combination of sitting in, learning from, and eventually leading over 130 medicine ceremonies. Sand also brings the unique gift of a Seer, a talent nurtured since childhood through her profound connection with ancestors, which deeply informs her practice and enhances her ability to connect with and guide her clients on a spiritual and emotional level.

Today, Sand is passionately committed to nurturing the next generation of empowered female leaders. Through sacred mentorship and personalized psychedelic explorations, she assists them in uncovering and expressing their innate genius, passion, and purpose, paving the way for a future where they can lead with confidence and insight.



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Sand is dedicated to creating a transformative path that is inclusive and accessible to all women. Her Ancestral Breathwork Journeys are a powerful portal for those seeking to break generational chains and uncover profound self-discovery. They utilize the gentle yet potent medicine of one's own breath to ensure that every woman can access deep personal growth.

In her Advanced Retreats and her carefully curated one-on-one Medicine Containers, she collaborates closely with a small select cohort of creative pioneers focused on personal mastery, expansion, and growth.


Ancestral Breathwork Journeys provide an accessible entry point into Sand's transformational work. Through online group breathwork sessions, these bi-monthly programs help women clear generational patterns, connect with ancestral wisdom, and envision a new version of themselves.


Sand offers three distinct approaches to highly personalized, carefully curated containers for women looking to expand, elevate, and express themselves profoundly. These containers use sacred medicines to guide you on a journey of deep transformation for long-lasting change. With her extensive experience, Sand ensures an exceptionally safe and nurturing environment, allowing you to explore your inner landscapes and unlock transformative insights. Each container is designed to help you tap into heightened creativity and vision, fostering significant personal growth.


Our retreats are highly immersive and intimate, designed for a maximum of 10 women to ensure safety and foster deep connections. These multi-day intensives incorporate sacred medicines, enhancing creativity and strengthening self-connection. Set on a stunning retreat property, they offer the perfect environment for profound identity shifts and the emergence of new personal chapters. Each retreat is structured to provide an intimate, secure setting that promotes significant transformation.


Designed for leaders who are ready to fully own their power and potential. This program supports women who aspire not only to unlock their full greatness, but to do so within the empowering embrace of true sisterhood. If you seek to elevate every aspect of your life - your wellbeing, relationships, career and impact - this experience offers an unparalleled combination.

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*Sand's Triple "E" Methodology* offers a transformative journey through Expansion, Elevation, and Expression. This unique approach empowers individuals to transcend their limitations, facilitating a broadened perspective that fosters profound personal and spiritual growth. Engaging with Sand’s methodology will elevate your understanding of self and the world around you, enabling a higher level of consciousness and well-being.

The process encourages you to express your innate creativity and talents boldly and authentically, leading to a more fulfilling and impactful life. Ideal for those seeking to amplify their creativity and achieve transformation, Sand’s Triple E Methodology is a powerful tool for crafting a life that not only meets but exceeds your visions and dreams.


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With over three decades of experience in trauma healing and transformation practices, Sand stands as a seer, bridging the gap between the modern and ancient worlds. Her work integrates the depth of psychedelic therapy and trauma-informed care with the profound wisdom of shamanic traditions. As a certified Internal Family Systems practitioner and seasoned social worker, Sand brings valuable clinical insights into each session, ensuring a safe and transformative environment.

Sand also maintains an Ancestral Altar, offering a unique opportunity for clients to connect with their healed ancestors, spirit guides, and cosmic guides, enhancing their journey to self-discovery. Having participated in over 130 sacred medicine ceremonies, she excels at creating supportive spaces that allow individuals to access their highest potential and achieve significant breakthroughs, both personally and professionally.


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Connect with Sand

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Psychedelic medicines are here to expand your reality so that you can see the next iteration of yourself - the next version that your current self cannot see. Through expansion, new possibilities for growth and evolution are revealed.



Through inner healing and expanded awareness, sacred medicines help elevate you beyond current limitations. By addressing trauma and unlocking genius within, one is empowered to rise to new heights of wisdom, well-being and fulfillment.

Once you have expanded your potential through sacred medicines, you begin to express your innate creativity and talents boldly and authentically, leading to a more fulfilling and impactful life.


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