Conscious Women of the World,

Life is Calling us to Wake up, Rise up and Speak up


modern medicine woman, empowerment coach, spiritual teacher, shamanic practitioner, and intuitive healing guide. 

I'm here to inspire you to find your authentic voice, claim your power and live the life you came here to live. 

I am a stand for your personal growth, your spiritual depth and your ultimate well-being as a conscious awakened woman.

I know in my soul we need more women's voices in the world right now to bring much-needed Feminine Wisdom.

I'm here to support you with tools of transformation, ancient wisdom, powerful ceremonies and my own intuitive insights.

Sister, I am so glad that you are here. I've been waiting for you.


Find your Voice
Transform your Life
Opportunities to sit in circle together

My Deepest Prayer For You Dear Sister . . .

is that you come to realize the full majesty of what it is to be a Woman, a Carrier of Life, a Bearer of Medicines and a Voice for the Wisdom of the Feminine.
I pray that together we can reweave the Sisterhood as a sanctuary from a world that seldom sees us, where we can gather, remember ourselves, and then rise. 
I pray that the Voice of Awakened Women becomes a guiding star in these challenging times, and through this, a new harmony emerges in our world.
I pray that you, oh Awakened Woman, discover the Power of the Medicines you were born with, and then share them with the world!

It’s time.

Sand is loving and authentic to the core! I have dived deeply because of you. You hold us all in your oceans of infinity. Beautiful mother of all you touch. You are a fierce warrior of kindness, love and Grace. You are a Goddess of leading, teaching and healing


Jill Benioff

God seeps from your Being Sand. With you there is only Truth, with you there is only Light, with you there is only love love love!

Krista Haskell

Working with Sand has been a life-changing experience, and I do NOT use that word lightly. Within a moment of meeting Sand and looking into her eyes I felt seen and held in a profound way.


Lillian Sultan

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