The most important journey we make is within: finding our true and authentic Self. From this discovery we begin to learn how to live life newly. Here, in our inner essence, is where we find the wisdom, unconditional love and wellness that are our birthright. Our journey with our authentic Self is the path to full health, loving relationships, a balanced life, to fulfillment. 

My offering is to accompany you, as your healing guide and spiritual mentor, as you reclaim these qualities and embody them in your life. It will be a profound honor to hold space for you on your journey.

Welcome Home


What people are saying about Sand

"Sand is wise beyond worlds and dimensions. She is a truth seeker and teacher. An incredible healer. A true dancer of Life!"

"God seeps from your Being Sand.
With you there is only Truth,
with you there is only Light,
with you there is only love love love!"

"It is almost impossible to describe the life changing work of Sand, for the simple fact that it's groundbreaking. Sand is an exceptionally gifted teacher and guide. Her work is powerful and life changing and she is incredibly committed and engaged to each person's journey. Her vast knowledge and wisdom allows her to take a truly unique approach for each session, incorporating whatever is needed for each person to find truth, wholeness, and love...often using body & energy work and her shamanic background. She works with intention and care and creates a beautifully safe and loving environment for her work. If you have the privilege of working with Sand, grab the opportunity with both hands and an open heart!"