Are you ready to encounter your True Self?

Transformation Days allow Sand to be in total service to you. Actually to your highest self, which is waiting for you to recognize and embrace her in all of her beauty and depth. 

As your Sacred Mirror Sand will help you to see yourself newly. As your healer and intuitive guide she will clear any energies that have kept you from embodying the authentic you. 

The day will be shaped to meet your very specific needs, and may include some or all of these modalities; divination, energy reading, breathwork, shamanic journeying, soul retrieval, medicinal plants, ceremony and ritual.

These days are not for the faint of heart, or the simply curious. It can be uncomfortable and confronting work, but it is the doorway to all of the freedom and love your soul yearns for.

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"What is most unique about Sand is her immense heart, bigger, deeper, and wider than most anyone I’ve ever met AND the feeling of safety she holds.

And with that safe container, I can let myself go to deep places needing healing that I would not normally be able to go."


Kaveri Sohnfoster

Yearning to take your life to the next level?

The promise of the Deep Dive is simple: to facilitate a profound transformation in who you know yourself to be and find the authentic, majestic creator that you are.  You will break out of your comfort zones and dive into new possibilities for every aspect of your life; relationships, career, purpose and well-being. You will emerge as a Whole New You.

This is a 9-week intensive combining powerful live events breakthrough coaching and Sand's love, guidance and insight. Your experience is magnified by the support of your fellow Deep Divers, amazing, committed women seeking their own liberation and yours.

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it [the Deep Dive] has given me so much more than I ever dreamed of . . . the support of amazing sisters, self-discovery and tools to act on it . . . Sand, I am in awe of what you have created, you and your abilities to change someone's life are incredible. It is my honor to work with you and to witness you.


Natalia Morozova

Speaking & Interviews 

Does your audience crave insight and wisdom to help them meet this moment in their lives, in our lives? 

Sand is available as a speaker or guest for your events and podcasts. With her unique blend of stories from her own journey and wisdom for the moment, your audience will be entertained, moved and inspired in their own journeys. 

With a mission to awaken the Feminine Wisdom our world so dearly needs, no woman can be untouched by time spent with Sand.

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