Women's Medicine Retreat

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Ready to Step into the Truth & Love
that you came here to Embody?

to immerse yourself in a powerful container
of Sisterhood, Sacred Medicine, Breathwork
& the Wisdom of your Ancestors.


My Darling...


Are you ready to

know yourself as
the most beautiful

radiant, authentic

version of YOU?

Women have been carrying internal medicines for centuries
Your internal medicines are activated when you KNOW yourself as the wise woman, the visionary, the seer, the intuitive, the healer, the sexual goddess, and the holder of the deepest Cosmic Truths.

During this Transcendent Weekend Retreat, you will embark on a
profound journey to...

 UNLEASH the dormant depths of your being, unearthing the exquisitely tender fragments that have long been forgotten and buried, thereby revealing the absolute ECSTASY of embracing the unequivocal truth - "I am inherently enough."

 RELEASE the subtle layers of coping mechanisms that have veiled your inherent power, and with unwavering conviction, return to the sacred grounds of Truth and Love.

 IGNIGHT the latent fires within, for they hold your precious 'hidden medicines' bestowed upon you by the divine essence at the very moment of your birth.

 UNITE in an extraordinary reunion with the woman who boldly chooses herself, embodying her authentic essence - her radiant True Self.

Are you ready for the most powerful, transformative & THREE-day experience?


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"The medicine softened my heart, it allowed the love I am, in. A weed nurtured, a fragrant bouquet blossomed inside me. What a profound life-changing experience for me.

I was seen. I was heard. And I can’t wait for the next one!"


Chelsea G.

"The whole experience was a wonderfully held space for inner reflection and deep connection. I’m so grateful for the time to shed some of my walls and remember what it is like to feel like a kid again."



"This experience was held with the utmost integrity. The ripples of what was uncovered in this experience I am sure will continue to reverberate for a long time. I am so grateful I said YES this ~ it was everything I didn’t know I needed. I now feel more resourced and willing to sit with parts of myself that were previously hard to be with, or worse, silenced for too long. Thank you, Sand!"


Maite C.

"You have shown me so much abundant love that my heart bursts at the thoughts of how generous of spirit and heart you are. You are an angel on my shoulder!"


Terry D.

What's Included:

  • 🙏🏽 Open & Closing Ceremony: Our journey will commence and culminate with sacred ceremonies, creating a container of intention and deep connection for our retreat.
  • 🌬️ Ancestral Breathwork Journeys: Through the power of breath, we will embark on profound inner journeys, guided by ancient practices that connect us to our ancestral wisdom and healing.
  • 🧘🏻‍♀️ Guided Meditations: Dive into the depths of your being through guided meditations, allowing for inner exploration, relaxation, and the opening of new pathways of consciousness.
  • 🤲🏼 Powerful Sacred Receiving Rituals: Experience the transformative power of receiving as we engage in rituals and practices that invite healing, abundance, and the awakening of your innate gifts.
  • 👣Nature Prayer Walk: Connect with the healing energy of the land as we embark on a meditative walk allowing nature to cleanse and rejuvenate our spirits.
  • 📓 Solo Time to Journal, Reflect, and Integrate: Find solace in quiet moments of reflection and self-expression as you journal and integrate your experiences, allowing for deeper insights and personal growth.
  • 🌿 Mini Breakout Session on Sacred Medicines: Delve into the world of sacred medicines through a focused and intimate breakout session, where you'll gain insights and guidance on their traditional uses and healing properties.
  • 👯‍♀️ Sacred Sisterhood - Friends for Life: Forge deep bonds with fellow retreat participants, creating a sacred sisterhood that will support and uplift you beyond the retreat, forming lifelong connections and friendships.
  • 🌊 Sacred Water Ceremony: Engage in a beautiful water ceremony, honoring the sacredness of water as a purifying and life-giving element, and receiving its blessings for healing and transformation.
  • 🍽️ All Meals: Indulge in nourishing and delicious meals prepared with love, providing sustenance and energy for your transformative journey.
  • 🛏️ 3 Nights Accommodation: Rest and rejuvenate in comfortable and serene accommodations, providing a peaceful sanctuary for relaxation and integration.
  • 🌱 All Sacred Medicine & Supplements: Receive the support of sacred medicines and supplements carefully selected to enhance your healing journey, provided for your well-being and transformation.
  • ❤️ Led, held, and lovingly guided: by an experienced Shamanic Practitioner & Modern Medicine Woman - Sand + two hand-selected assistants

All you need is to arrive prepared with your clear intentions for the weekend and everything else will be ready and waiting to support your process of transformation.

Not Included: airfare, arrival/departure transportation, travel insurance