Experience the Magic
Sit in circle at one of our powerful events. Experience for yourself how I support you in your growth, your spiritual depth and the full expression of your feminine essence.
Woman in Motion
Join Rise As She, our amazing membership community of like minded sisters. Dedicated events and resources to bring momentum and focus to your personal journey.
Committed to Transformation
When you are ready for significant change it is time to dive deep. We have the perfect vehicle for your transformation. The True You and a New Life are revealed.
Women inspiring Women
Join a mastermind of other amazing women using their own unique gifts to awaken the feminine, I will share my experience and teach my craft. Together we reach out our hands to help other women rise. 

New Moon Ceremony

A Sacred Water Ceremony honoring your waters - your feminine essence.

Full Moon Ceremony

A journey to meet your Ancestors and Spirit Guides for healing, insight and guidance

Find Your Medicine

A Free 3-Day Challenge to activate your unique Medicines.
Sand is truly gifted healer and communicator. The space she creates every time we sit in circle is like nothing else I've experienced.


AnneMarie Osegueda

All too often, our desire for personal change and our yearning for depth get overlooked in busy, stressful lives. 
Rise As She is designed to support you turning these desires into action, motion and then tangible results.
Powerful live events, tools and resources, personal plans and sacred ceremonies. Best of all, the company of other incredible, like-minded women: all there to cheer you on to live the extraordinary life you came here to live.
The Rise As She content has allowed me to see my beliefs, experiences and patterns that have both benefitted me and held me back and the community, trust, and insight shared during group events are deeper than I imagined possible through a virtual platform.


Melissa Arellanes

When you are exhausted with doing-it-yourself, when the excuses have run out and the pain of unfulfilled dreams is too much - it's time.
When you are ready to commit the time and the energy to breaking through whatever is keeping you from the life you came here to live - it's time.
When your place in an intimate group of committed women beckons as the perfect vehicle for your transformation - it's time for the Deep Dive
 Sand has this incredible way of holding you so gracefully at your edges while in a group setting, as well as bringing together a community of women who are so ready, available, wanting and able to hold you, wherever you're at. 
It is a magnificent experience and I sincerely wish and hope that everyone gets the chance to work with Sand. The world needs you. And the world needs your work. And you will learn that in this deep dive.


Jenna Monaco

The sacred mission of midwifing Feminine Wisdom is underway in a thousand shapes and forms. I am honored to support other women in their own work to further that mission: women holding circles, creating spaces for transformation, teaching classes, offering life-changing experiences.
If you are already a woman inspiring other women, or if you are ready to answer that call; if you want to be held and guided, want to learn some of my most powerful methods and potent teachings, I'm ready to support you.
She's helped me discover my essence, my gifts, my purpose, and will tell you exactly what you need to hear with a very firm and yet loving energy. 


Jamie Cabaccang

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