Sovereignty Blueprint





Discover your authentic Self
Take charge of your Life

Create The Life You Were Born For


Welcome Darling,

here's what I want you to know


You want to create the life you came here to live. And live that life now!

You've tried many things but nothing you've tried works consistently.

There's a whole YOU bursting to get out.

It feels like you're missing out on life because you're too busy coping with it.

This is a situation all too familiar to the women I work with.

And this is why!

We live in a culture that wants to keep women small. And we've internalized these voices, "be nice", "don't rock the boat", "that just how life is!"

And then, there's everyday life. We live in challenging times.

If this is you, and you're ready to do something about it, I got you.

In this powerful program you will:

  • Disengage from the Inner Voices and Childhood Messages that keep you stuck
  • Release old wounds that have kept you small 
  • Reclaim the voice of your Sovereign Woman 
  • Activate, discover and celebrate the unique medicines you have
  • Identify your own North Star to guide your future actions and choices
  • Ignite the full expression of your feminine essence
  • Discover your gifts and core values as part of your sovereign blueprint 
  • Embody your sensual and sexual energies - the very source of your creative sacred life force
  • Learn lifetime tools and strategies to Pivot away from repeating, defeating patterns

So that by the end of it you will...

  • Know yourself as a Sovereign Queen
  • Claim your unique Sovereignty Blueprint 
  • Walk away with a new vision for your life 
  • Feel a clear connection to the cosmic forces
  • Feel confident, clear, powerful, authentic and fully feminine


And you'll be able to:

  • Create and live the life you were born to lead 
  • Meet life's challenges with ease and grace
  • Fully express the brilliant, beautiful, authentic YOU
  • Honor and celebrate the queen that you are!

Don't just take my word for it!

Here's What Previous Graduates Have Said

"It’s like creating a whole new blueprint for yourself"

"[I am] an authentic woman who knows and values her courage, vulnerability, and resilience!"

"I can be authentic, feminine and successful at the same time"

"I feel like I shed layers and layers of this heaviness that was holding me back and now I'm starting to become the woman that I want to be"

"I am able to lean into my true and authentic self and learn to make choices from that space. I am now feeling more aligned, joyful and whole!"

"I am ready to start my journey to self healing, changing my pathways and creating new stories"

"Life will always have its ups and downs, but since being exposed to the meditations, visualizations and live calls, I now have access to tools and to an inner queen"

"I have the confidence and power to understand whom I can trust and lean on when I’m most vulnerable"

Don't Want to Wait?

You can start your transformation Today!


How The Live Program Works

In this powerful transformational 8-Week experience, you will be lovingly held and skillfully led to claiming your full sovereign self. 

9 Powerful Live Teaching Calls

where the secrets (and the magic) of successful Sovereign Women are shared

Embodiment Assignments & Life-changing Practices

to create new possibilities immediately

Opening Ceremony

to create the solid foundations from which you will stand, grow & expand

Live Group Coaching with Sand

to apply the teachings to your particular circumstances

A Closing Celebration Ceremony 

where your authentic sovereign self emerges 

Small Group Peer Support

to validate the wisdom that arises in you through the power of sisterhood

Private Online Community of Like-minded Women

supporting and cheering each other on

A Well-stocked Library of Powerful Tools & Recordings

to inspire your continuing journey

Plus Incredible Bonuses 

Visualizations to activate your Sovereign codes, Breathworks to address the Mother/daughter & Father/daughter wounds and ignite your freedom & sacred practices to connect to your Higher Self and Ancestors

The Curriculum

Powerful Modules Inside

Activate Your Sovereign Woman

The archetype, the embodiment, the feeling of the woman who is waiting inside for us to fully claim her.

Establish Your Daily Practice - Radical Self-Care

Generating an inner sense of abundance and the practices that allow us to attract and manifest from there.

Create a Pathway to Safety and Possibility Know Your Nervous System

Discover where you're setting yourself up to succeed. How to meet challenges and get back on track when things go awry.

Innocent Inner Child & Childhood messaging

Befriending your Inner Child, recovering the innocence and brilliance that's been covered over.

Discover Your Unique Medicines

Identifying and claiming the unique gifts you came here to use and to offer the world.

Understand Your Self-Sabotage

Mapping the light and shadow of our inner worlds. Learning how to live in peace with both.

Unblock your Sensual, Sexual & Creative Power

Embodying the deepest sense of your feminine. Creative, sensual, sexually healed and connected into this world and the realms beyond.

Find Your North Star

Find Your North Star. Strategies and tools to keep her as our guiding light and recognize what serves and doesn't.

Hi, I'm Sand

A Modern Medicine Woman, Seer, Spiritual Teacher, and Divinely Guided Mentor

For the past three decades I've helped thousands of women, all over the world, uncover and claim their voice, purpose, passion and power.

My unique teachings combine ancient wisdom with the best of modern psychology, sacred magic with vision and action.

My passion, my prayer and my work is focussed on helping you claim your birthright . . .

. . . as the gorgeous, unapologetic channel of feminine wisdom and power that is your Sovereign Self.

Kind Words

Here's what previous graduates have said

"Sand is a beautiful soul of love and light, providing a loving yet firm and strong leadership to this program. She embodies an empowered sovereign queen."

"I absolutely love Sand. She's deep, nurturing, kind, and real. She gets both this world and the unseen worlds. She's a beautiful guide to help women step into their own power"

"Sand has a way to offer wisdom that is unique - it is your ride-or-die, real talk, lifting veils and searching out the shadows bestie mixed with a deep love/ mama bear/ best cheerleader ever/I got you not matter what/love you warts and all mentality. Her passion and dedication to the women of this world is unquestionable"

"Sand is "the Light" that shows you your authentic self through an incredible journey of self realization and healing"

"Sand knows how to cut through the bull shit of life and bring you back to yourself"

"Sand and her teachings are stellar, beyond this world. I've had transformational moments with Sand that I will never forget & continue to move me"

"Sand is a cherished gem of a human being! I recommend her 100% and then some to anyone seeking a deeper and more full life!"

"Sand is the real deal, her teachings are profound and reverberate long after the program is complete"

What Sets This Program Apart

I'm going to tell you three things I focus on in this program to deliver incredible results:

I am going to hold you as the brilliant light that you are, even when you can't see that for yourself - until you can. This is sacred mirroring at its most powerful. 

I take great care to create a safe space for us to share what needs to be shared and confront what needs to be confronted. In this space, I really have 'got you'.

I bring 35 years of experience working with women in transformational spaces. The teachings, the strategies, and the tools of this entire program have been in partnership with my guides 'The Ancestors'. Throughout the program, I will evoke your ancestors and mine for healing, insights and clarity to support your transformational journey. That's quite a team you got on your side.


Your Investment Options



  • 9 Powerful Teaching Sessions with Sand
  • Group Q & A with Sand
  • Visualizations and Assignments to Integrate your Learnings
  • Code Activations of Sovereign Energies
  • Graduation Ritual
  • 9 weeks access to the Learning Resource Hub
  • Small Group sessions for Peer Support
  • Private Communication Forum



  • 9 Powerful Teaching Sessions with Sand
  • Group Q & A with Sand
  • Visualizations and Assignments to Integrate your Learnings
  • Code Activations of Sovereign Energies
  • Graduation Ritual
  • 9 weeks access to the Learning Resource Hub
  • Small Group sessions for Peer Support
  • Private Communication Forum

Some Frequently Asked Questions