(Re)Claim Your Feminine Fire & Step Into
The Fully Empowered Woman You're Meant To Be


Next Immersion Begins January 29

8-weeks to transcend your inner barriers, invisible chains, and subconscious blocks so that you can discover, (re)claim, and fully embody your highest potential. 

During this LIVE online transformational journey you will learn how to identify and alchemize the wounds, energetic blocks, toxic patterns, and generational traumas that have shaped and molded your human experience thus far... 

And be lovingly guided through the fires of deep physical, mental, and spiritual transformation – so that you can heal, transcend, and ultimately – rise from the ashes into the divinely powerful and deeply worthy woman you’ve always been.



There comes a time in the life of a woman when her calling can no longer be ignored…
A time when her needs can no longer be sidelined…
When her desires can no longer be belittled, shamed, or put down.

There comes a time in the life of a woman when her self-worth is no longer found without…
A time when empty compliments, new lovers, and more “likes” don’t concern her…
When her sense of self-worth is felt deep within her own soul. 

There comes a time in the life of a woman when her value is no longer dependent upon how much she does, how much she makes, or how put together her life appears…
A time when the opinions others hold of her no longer matter…
When above all else, she prioritizes how her life feels, rather than how it looks

There comes a time in the life of a woman when she’s no longer ashamed of her naked body… 
A time when she fully embraces every curve, every stretch mark, and every dimple... 
When her sexuality and ecstasy is one of deep feminine intimacy, compassion & self-love. 

  There comes a time in the life of a woman when her voice can no longer be silenced, her power can no longer be denied, and her purpose can longer be ignored... 
A time when she stops living for others… 
When she realizes she is, and has always been, all that she needs. 

There comes a time in the life of a woman when she rises up and (re)claims Divine Sovereignty over her life... 
A time when she finally begins to live purely and beautifully for her

… and that time is now, Dear Sister.

Your 8-Week Blueprint To Unlocking Your Authentic Desires, Embracing Your Feminine Power & Claiming Full Sovereignty Over Your Life

In this 8-week online immersive program, you will be gently held and lovingly guided through a deeply transcendental journey. Come with me and abolish the self-sabotaging patterns and underlying programming that have been keeping you from fully claiming Divine Sovereignty over your life.

Learn how to silence the external critics, the masculine demands, the self-doubt, and societal expectations of how you should act, be, and live your life…

Equip yourself with the tools, confidence, and sacred community you need to fully express yourself, claim your desires, and co-create your true purpose with the Universe… So that you can finally begin to create the life you came here to live.

And most importantly – learn the practical exercises and proven healing modalities that will result in real life embodiment and transformation. This is the kind of deep change and cellular level metamorphosis that books, seminars, meditation apps, and “quick fixes” barely scrape the surface of…


I dedicated the past 3 decades of my life to studying the science, the divinely unexplainable, and the most effective healing modalities in the world…

After 30 years of studying, applying, and actively practicing these concepts…

I’ve distilled and condensed everything – the semantics, meditations, breathwork patterns, ancestral knowledge, universal laws of co-creation, and divine feminine wisdom that has been passed down for generations…

Into this beautifully transformative, and incredibly effective, 8-week program for women that are ready to stop living unfilling, ordinary lives…

And start living the fully empowered, beautifully authentic, extraordinary life that is their womanly birthright.

You didn’t incarnate on this Earth to meet deadlines, pay bills, clean floors, or to satisfy men, partners, children, and bosses all day long…

You came here to co-create with the universe.
You came here for great love and big magic.
You came here to live an extraordinarily beautiful & authentic life.

And you know there is more to life. You can feel the energetic pull within you… commanding you to rise up, take action, and seize life’s beautiful opportunities for all the potential they hold.

For you – maybe that looks like leaving an abusive or unsatisfying relationship…
Or ditching the dead-end job in pursuit of your true calling…
Or rediscovering who you truly are after a lifetime of birthing children, building a home, and constantly tending to others…
Or finding the courage to express your innermost desires and chase your biggest dreams…
Or maybe, perhaps, you’re a woman on a mission to make a difference in the world, but you feel too overwhelmed and powerless to speak your truth…

All of these things and more, Dear Sister, are possible for you. And more than that, they are your divine birthright.

But the sad truth is…

The world has not made it easy for you. Your Sovereignty has been taken. Your voice has been silenced. Your desires diminished.

Our society has always been one that favors the masculine…

The doing.
The having.
The productivity.
The hustle.

You were raised, taught, and held to the impossible expectation that this is the only energetic output worth your time and effort.

That your value was dependent upon your production.
That your worth was measured by your success.

And over time, this overstimulation of the masculine began to dampen, suppress, and silence the feminine within you…

Until you could longer hear her beautiful calling.

Her plead for curiosity.
For imagination.
For magic.
For trust.

She’s calling you now…

Demanding to be heard.
Demanding a voice.
Demanding to see you embrace yourself as a woman worthy of love, freedom, confidence, safety, and unapologetic authenticity.

Demanding full Sovereignty over her life.

And I will walk this path with you, Dear Sister. I will bear witness to your inner most desires. I will hold space for your deepest pain.

You will never be alone again.
You will never have to fight to be fully heard, seen, or held.
Your scars will not be judged.
Your power will not be shunned.
Your worth will never again need to be earned.

Because here with me, and your Sisters, you are whole.

You are home.


Meet Sand

A modern medicine woman, seer, spiritual teacher, and divinely guided mentor. 

 For the past three decades she has helped thousands of women, all over the globe, uncover and tap into their seeing energies, healing capabilities, and divine feminine wisdom & power… 

She has dedicated her heart, soul, and spirit to supporting The Great Rising of the Awakened Woman.

With her uniquely sacred teachings that combine ancient wisdom, ancestral knowledge, semantics, mediation & breathwork – she walks with women of all ages, stages, and desires as they fully embrace their inner Divine Feminine wisdom and radically reclaim complete Sovereignty over their lives.

The Curriculum

8 Powerful Modules


The Foundation

We begin the journey of REclaiming your queen by clarifying your focus and defining a daily practice - the ground on which you stand, grow and expand!

What do you want? What gets in the way?

Tools, strategies and a new mindset are birthed out of the work done in this program, and it begins here.


Reconnecting to your Inner Child

Your healing journey begins by identifying the childhood messages that keep you stuck, caged and small. We go to the root of your limiting beliefs - The Ancestral Root! Getting to the core wounding and setting your ancestors, future generations and yourself, FREE from those limitations.


Reclaiming Your Medicines

You will experience a powerful call to release underlying shame and ACTIVATE your Ancient Medicines and Gifts. Your Ancestors are waiting for you to RECLAIM them and step into your Authenticity.


Pathways Back to Self

You are so incredibly unique in how you ‘deal with life’ and in this module you will begin to know yourself from such depth that whatever OPPORTUNITIES life offers you, you will have a well worn PATHWAY to respond.


Meet Your Saboteur

A powerful module of Self Love, Self Respect and Self Worth - (Re)Claiming the power that you have given away or had taken from you. Your Saboteur is waiting and she's got a lot to say.


Reclaim Your Sacred Creativity

A vital breathwork to activate the very SOURCE of your Creative Sacred Life Force - releasing your creativity, your Sexual and Sensual Medicines and Energy!


Recognizing Your Divine Feminine Intuition

We ACTIVATE your birthright - your Divine Feminine Power - your Intuition! Leaving you with zero doubt that you have it and knowing how to access it. Are you ready?


The Edge - Voice, Expression and Visibility

We reignite your fullest expression codes and make way for your Inner Queen to take charge of your Relationships, your Life, and your Business. 


"I feel like I shed layers and layers of this heaviness that was holding me back and now I'm starting to become the woman that I want to be ..."

- Supreet C.

"I’ve had seismic shifts - reverberations hitting me long after the actual sessions, catching me in moments of silence and taking my breath away with the simple surgical accuracy of what it is that must be let go of. My inner child has wept, rejoiced, rebelled, received, played, and I’ve been able to release so much. In the space I have emptied and reclaimed, my Queen has emerged. I no longer see myself as separate to her but as living in me, ALIVE and ready - because I am now."

- Alison A.

"It's a whole new sense of trust that I have when I wake up in the morning. And it's like every cell in my being and in my body just knows that it's going to be okay. And that is such a different way to navigate through life.

I remember the first time that I met Sand...she made me see myself in a new way, a really beautiful way. And I feel like her seeing the beauty in me, made me see the beauty in myself. And it gave me the courage and strength to look at some of the things that are hard in my life. 

If you're debating this program, I would definitely say dive in. It's gonna be a marker on your life and you're gonna remember the before and after. It's gonna be something that changes how you see yourself in the mirror. It's gonna change your mind, your body and your soul."

- Tulip D.

"So to the woman who feels on the fence about whether to commit I would say, I've been in your shoes, and I understand what that feels like. But if you can take this leap of faith, it will pay off a hundredfold. It'll pay off in so many different ways, for the rest of your life and through the people around you and through the next generations. I feel these are the kinds of things you should be learning in school or from family, because they're so important, about yourself and about the universe. And so, if you can, just go for it."

- Sonya J.


The Sovereignty Blueprint Is for You if...

  • You feel an inner pulling to express yourself, your desires, your gifts, and talents in a more authentic and powerful way.
  • You have a deep desire to break free from the masculine curse of doing more, taking more, & achieving more so that you fully embrace self-love, acceptance, and worthiness.
  • You feel called towards living a “bigger” and more authentic life.
  • You are ready to co-create a beautiful life of great love and big magic.
  • You desire to create deeper and more meaningful relationships, conversations, and experiences.
  • You are ready to build a healthy, and unconditionally loving, relationship with yourself (and others).
  • You are ready to address your self-sabotaging thoughts, patterns, and beliefs so that you can step into your highest potential & power.
  • You desire a sacred community of Sisters to walk this transcendental journey with.

The Sovereignty Blueprint Requires You to…

  • be courageous
  • be honest, and
  • be willing to face your demons.

This is not a short cut to your healing or inner growth.

The Power of Sisterhood

There is no more powerful place to take control of your Queendom than in the company of other committed and purposeful women. 

What You Get in this 8-week Journey of Deep Personal Transformation...

  • Powerful Weekly, 2-hour Teaching and Experience Sessions with Sand (Value $4,800)
  • Code Activations of vital Sovereign energies (Value $2,400)
  • Group Q&A sessions with Sand (Value $3,000)
  • Visualizations and Assignments to Integrate your Learnings (Value $2,400)
  • A Graduation Ritual to Integrate your Transformation (Value $1,500)
  • 8-Week Access to the Learning Resource Hub (Value $Priceless)
  • Sacred Small Groups for Peer Support (Value $Priceless)
  • Private Communication Hub for Program Participants (Value $Priceless)

Total VALUE = $14,100

Dear Sister,

I’ve spent the past 30 years of my life building up the wealth of knowledge, resources, sacred meditations and tools that are contained within this 8-week journey.

I’ve seen what this knowledge can do for women… I’ve watched it transform the lives of hundreds of women all over the globe. 

From single moms searching for their sense of identity, to busy CEOs frantic and disconnected from their intuition, to newly divorced women seeking their inner worth and sense of belonging, to young women in their 20s searching for purpose and meaning… 

This program has impacted the lives of countless women. Each and every woman leaving an impression on my soul, just as I have left one on theirs…

But I want to see even more women realizing their worth and true potential. 

And the time is now. 

We are in the midst of Great Awakening. A Feminine Uprising that has never been seen on this planet before. 

This is our time, Sister. 

Hundreds of years from now, scholars and historians will look back on this time and identify it as the pivotal turning point in our society…

The time when the feminine finally rose to its power. 

The time when the masculine came back into balance. 

The time when women everywhere stepped up and fiercely, and unapologetically, (re)claimed sovereignty over their lives. 


The tides are turning. The Great Rising has begun. 

And deep within your soul, you know that YOUR time is now.


Your Investment

Choose the Payment Plan that Works Best for You

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Two Monthly Payments



Four Monthly Payments



The Details

Program Kick Off
January 29, 10:00am - 12:00 (Pacific)

8 Weekly Calls
Wednesdays 6:00 - 8:00pm (Pacific)

Program Completion 
March 26, 10:00am - 12:00 (Pacific)

Some Frequently Asked Questions
Some Frequently Asked Questions