Your Bold, Authentic and Unapologetic life starts here.


Your Sovereignty is your Birthright. To be Queen in the Queendom of your own Life

The Sovereignty Blueprint is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to seize your Sovereignty, to take charge of all aspects of your Life. 

Transcend the ancestral wounds and childhood messages that have kept you from your birthright. Activate your Sovereignty Codes. Unlock your Radiant, Authentic, Feminine Self and bring New Magic to your Life.


There is a quiet revolution sweeping the world right now. Women everywhere are rising ...
... into their full expression ...
... into their Sovereignty.

Denied and marginalized for too long, we are now stepping boldly into our own power and taking charge of our own destiny.

It is our birthright.

Over three decades it has been my privilege to accompany thousands of women into their full sovereignty. To help them tap into the uniquely feminine gifts and wisdom that they carry.

Are you ready to tap into the exquisite power of the Divine Feminine? To uncover your Inner Medicines and rediscover your Intuition? To begin the journey of co-creation in partnership with Universal Intelligence? To manifest your visions and dreams?

Come join me,

Sand Symes

In This Program,
You Can Expect To ...

  • Shed the limitations of the childhood stories that keep you small
  • Break free from Limiting Beliefs, Energetic Blocks and Intergenerational Trauma
  • Meet your Ancestors for guidance, clarity and support
  • Claim the Unique Medicines you carry inside
  • Find the hidden treasure inside your anger
  • Know the Authentic You
  • Learn to Activate and Stand Grounded in your Power
  • Find Your Voice and How to Use It
  • Identify the Life You Came Here to Live
  • Learn the ancient secrets of Co-creating with the Universe. and Easefully Attract to you all that you desire

Put All of This Together and You Will ...

  • Find an Inner Confidence that you can feel and others can sense/see
  • Feel Energized, Fully Expressed and Radically Alive 
  • Find New Power and Purpose in your projects, your community or your business
  • Celebrate, and trust yourself as the Sovereign Queen of your own Life ...

Which Means . . . Finally Living the Life You Came Here to Live!


"I feel like I shed layers and layers of this heaviness that was holding me back and now I'm starting to become the woman that I want to be ..."

- Supreet C.

The Curriculum

16 Powerful Modules


The Foundation

We build on a SOLID FOUNDATION by clarifying your focus and defining a daily practice - the ground on which you stand, grow and expand!


Meeting Your Sovereign Queen (live)

We activate your Inner Queen so you can take charge of your own Queendom - your Relationships, your Life, and your Business. Hello Queen!


Reconnecting to your Inner Child

Our journey starts by identifying the childhood messages that are keeping you stuck, caged and small! Yet we go further than just our childhood messaging - we go to the ROOT. The Ancestral Root! Finally getting to the core - and setting your ancestors, future generations and yourself FREE!


Mother/Daughter - Feminine Wound (live)

A powerful breathwork to begin to heal the wounds of the Feminine - passed down from generation to generation.


Self Nurturing as Self Love

A powerful module of Self Love, Self Respect and Self Worth - (Re)Claiming pieces of yourself that you have given away or had taken from you. SOUL RETRIEVAL, meditations and ancient rituals to bring back vital GIFTS of Love for Self!


Father/Daughter - Masculine Wound

A powerful breathwork to begin to heal the wound of the masculine within yourself and your familial ancestral lineage. Resulting in a deeper understanding of the patriarchy and the freedom to choose NEW STORIES that EMPOWER you!


Forgiveness of the Masculine

Release old wounds from within yourself and your ancestral lineage, including feelings of resentment, anger, blame, betrayal and disappointment towards men, masculine and the patriarchy. Freeing up energy to live your life unapologetically and TAKING UP SPACE in your own life, business and community!


Reclaiming your Medicines (live)

This module is a powerful call to ACTIVATE your Ancient Medicines and SUPERPOWERS that your Ancestors are waiting for you to RECLAIM!


Working with your Gifts and Core Values

Find out how to use your gifts and where your Core Values play a HUGE part in your life, purpose and passion!


Reclaiming your Sacred Creativity (live)

VITAL BREATHWORK to ACTIVATE your powerhouse of CREATIVITY!! Your Sexual and Sensual Medicines and Energy! The very SOURCE of your Creative Sacred Life Force!


Embodying your Divine Feminine Sensuality

As an Awakened Queen - how do I “walk my own talk”? Here we EMBODY all the learnings into practical action.


Your Pathways Back to Self (live)

One of the most IMPORTANT and SIGNIFICANT Modules! You are SO incredibly UNIQUE in how you ‘deal with life’ - yet in this module you will begin to KNOW yourself from such depth that whatever OPPORTUNITIES life offers you, you will have a well worn PATHWAY to respond to it.


Creating YOUR Sovereignty Blueprint

This is the VISION you have for your life and your business plus the toolset you'll use to get there. The Blueprint is your personal sovereignty guidebook. You will refer to this for years to come!


Recognizing your Divine Feminine Intuition (live)

We ACTIVATE your BIRTHRIGHT - your FEMININE SUPERPOWER - your Intuition! Leaving you with ZERO DOUBT that you have it and you KNOW HOW to USE IT! Dang Queen, are you ready?!


Ancestral Connection

We deepen our journey with the Ancestors with rituals, meditation and creating an Ancestral Altar to honor all who came before - and all future generations yet to come. Honoring our Ancestors in this way is incredibly healing and we begin to feel, see and know our Ancestors presence and guidance.


Your Authentic Sovereign Emerges (live)

The world - and your Ancestors - have been waiting a long time for YOU! Your CROWN awaits - it’s time to FULLY CLAIM IT!

The Elements of This

Transformational Immersive

You will realize your Sovereign Blueprint through...



Learn the cosmic secrets of sovereignty, co-creation and our connection to the Unseen Realms. All you need to know to reclaim the throne of your own life.



Identify the wounds and patterns that hold you back. Learn simple yet powerful tools to break free from these limitations and step into new possibilities.



Energetic transmissions to awaken the radiant, sovereign woman you truly are and raise your frequency to attract and manifest the life you came here to live!



Meet the ancestors and spirit guides waiting to help you heal old wounds, release toxic energetic blocks and break the chain of intergenerational trauma.

The Power of Sisterhood

There is no more powerful place to take control of your Queendom than in the company of other committed and purposeful women. 

What's Included

Group Immersion

  • 16 weeks of Transformation
  • Powerful Teachings
  • Code Activations of vital Sovereign energies
  • Ancestral Breathwork Journeys 
  • Group Q & A sessions with Sand 
  • Graduation Breathwork Journey to integrate your transformation
  • 16 weeks access to the Learning Resource Hub
  • Private Facebook Group of Participants 


  • Masterclasses, Webinars, Ancestral Breathwork Journeys with Specific Intention and much more!

"What is most unique about Sand is her immense heart - bigger, deeper, and wider than most anyone I’ve ever met AND the feeling of safety she holds. And with that safe container, I can let myself go to deep places needing healing that I would not normally be able to go. Sand has helped me heal both on a physical level and emotional level. I was able to touch into deep, old wounds with her holding space ... so that I, from inside myself, can take a tiny bold step forward into that, with a feeling of safety, with no pressure."

- Kaveri S.

Your Investment

Group Immersion



One Single Payment 

Your Investment as Monthly Payments

Group Immersion



Four Monthly Payments

Not Yet Sure?

If you are not yet sure this is for you book a call with Sand. In that call she will help you get really clear if this is for you, or not! 

Is that fair?


The Sovereignty Blueprint Is for You if You Are...

  • ready to share your medicines and wisdom with the world, yet not sure where to start
  • willing to trust yourself more and build more healthy relationships with yourself and others
  • wanting to know what really 'makes you glow'  
  • absolutely ready to transcend the shadow archetypes of imposter, pleaser, over-giver, inner critic & victim! 
  • at the edge of your seat READY to let go of FOMO and comparing yourself to others
  • done with feeling stuck and ready to embrace life as an adventure
  • sick of playing small and ready to claim just how gorgeous and powerful you really are
  • not sure how to 'do abundance' but fed up with scarcity running your life 
  • finished with reading books, and listening to podcasts but taking no action
  • ready, finally ready, to claim your voice - and use it!

Yes Sister, when Life is whispering in any of these ways,

it's time to step into your Sovereignty.

Welcome Home to the woman you were born to be.

The Details

This Program is Open Enrollment.

You can join anytime.

Live sessions occur bi-weekly via Zoom, on Wednesdays, 11-12:30 PST.


"If you're really ready to get to another level with yourself and with understanding who you are and how to get to where you want to go then this is a powerful and potent program for you. "

- Casey H.