Claim Your Sovereignty
Claim Your Sovereignty

Live life confident in your own skin, unashamedly authentic, graceful and free. Unstoppable. Owning your voice. Fully in your power. Unapologetically feminine and sensual. Firm in your boundaries. Fierce in your love.




Are you ready to take control of your life? To learn the tools and strategies to create powerful, long-lasting change.


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You are in exactly the right place, right now.
Please take a moment to take in this page and really feel the opportunity it offers you.
If you are ready to up-level, live life on your terms, realize your dreams, I am stood by your side, to teach, lead, guide, cheer you on.
Are you ready? I am.

The Promise of this Program

The Promise of this Program


  • Find & embody your wild, unapologetic feminine self - she’s even more outrageous than you ever thought
  • Learn to recognize and overcome the Outer and Inner Voices that would keep you small - your saboteur voice hates reading this
  • Master the tools to stay on track every day - yes, even Queens face the challenges of life
  • Learn to receive in Relationships, Wealth, Wellness - be ready to boss your own world
  • Find the North Star you’ve been searching for - she’s dying to be claimed
  • Reclaim your Voice - and a woman’s most under-used word, “No!”
  • Find sisterhood as a haven and other women as your powerful allies - rising together
  • Re-ignite your creativity - and dare to dream bigger
  • Love your own body - and come home to your own sensual self 

The tools, strategies and magic you need to fully express yourself, claim your desires, and co-create your true purpose with the Universe.

The Sovereignty Blueprint Is for You if;

You know you were born for greatness and you are ready to rewrite your story. And you dream of

  • expressing the authentic, deeply feminine truth which you've hidden for fear of ridicule
  • standing in your power, claiming your voice and holding healthy boundaries that respect your Sovereignty
  • creating deeper and more meaningful relationships, starting with you
  • knowing your purpose, and finding work and expression that fulfills it
  • finding new pathways to bold leap from where you are now to a fabulous future

You are ready to say goodbye, FOREVER, to

  • questioning whether these dreams are possible - you will learn to manifest them
  • worrying that you’ll have to settle for less - start demanding more from life
  • feeling uncomfortable in your skin - you'll reconnect with your own feminine power
  • struggling with boundaries, self-worth and anxiety - a new confidence awaits you
  • the ways you sabotage yourself, the victim, the pleaser, your own worst critic - a deeper wisdom will help you transcend these
  • emotional cycles that you can't interrupt - you'll learn to pivot into bringing your magic to the world 

And despite everything you Soul still yearns for

  • that feeling when you are true to yourself, unstoppable, powerful and magnetic
  • living in alignment as a force of inspiration for those you love
  • proven tools and strategies that deliver recognizable, consistent progress toward your true self
  • a mentor and guide, a woman who has walked the path before you and has an unstoppable passion for all women to rise into Sovereignty
  • a community of true Sisters who you trust to see you, and still love you
  • self-acceptance and lasting, unconditional self-love

In this 8-week program you will get

In this 8-week program you will get

The tools, the strategies, the magic.
The resources
The community
The guide

Live Teaching calls where the secrets (and the magic) of successful Sovereign Women are shared

Q & A sessions to ground your understanding and accelerate your learning

Live group coaching with Sand to apply the teachings to your particular circumstances

An Integration Event to integrate your leanings and celebrate your transformation

Embodiment assignments and life-changing practices to create new possibilities immediately

Small group peer support for problem solving and to validate the wisdom that arises in you

Private online community of like-minded women, supporting and cheering each other on

A well-stocked library of powerful tools and recordings to inspire your continuing journey

In other words, everything you need for the deep, lasting change that books, seminars, meditation apps, and “quick fixes” can not deliver.


The archetype, the embodiment, the feeling of the woman who is waiting inside for us to fully claim her.


Mapping the light and shadow of our inner worlds. Learning how to live in peace with both.


Identifying and claiming the unique gifts you came here to use and to offer the world.


Find Your North Star. Strategies and tools to keep her as our guiding light and recognize what serves and doesn't.


How to show up into relationship so that you attract what you deserve and avoid the traps of sabotage.


Generating an inner sense of abundance and the practices that allow us to attract and manifest from there.


Embodying the deepest sense of your feminine. Creative, sensual, sexually healed and connected into this world and the realms beyond.


Discover where your Setting yourself up to succeed. How to meet challenges and get back on track when things go awry.

There comes a time in the life of a woman when her self-worth is no longer found without…
A time when empty compliments, new lovers, and more “likes” don’t concern her…
When her sense of self-worth is felt deep within her own soul. 

There comes a time in the life of a woman when her value is no longer dependent upon how much she does, how much she makes, or how put together her life appears…
A time when the opinions others hold of her no longer matter…
When above all else, she prioritizes how her life feels, rather than how it looks.

There comes a time in the life of a woman when she’s no longer ashamed of her naked body…
A time when she fully embraces every curve, every stretch mark, and every dimple...
When her sexuality and ecstasy is one of deep feminine intimacy, compassion & self-love.

There comes a time in the life of a woman when her voice can no longer be silenced, her power can no longer be denied, and her purpose can longer be ignored...
A time when she stops living for others…
When she realizes she is, and has always been, all that she needs.

For the past three decades I've helped thousands of women, all over the globe, uncover and claim their voice, purpose, passion and power. 

My unique teachings combine ancient wisdom with the best of modern psychology, sacred magic with vision and action.

I've dedicated my heart, soul, and spirit to supporting the Feminine Rising, helping them to embody the Divine feminine and the wisdom, magic and power she bestows on us. 

I envision a world where every woman and girl can step into Sovereignty over her own life


"I feel like I shed layers and layers of this heaviness that was holding me back and now I'm starting to become the woman that I want to be ..."


Supreet C.

"I’ve had seismic shifts - reverberations hitting me long after the actual sessions, catching me in moments of silence and taking my breath away with the simple surgical accuracy of what it is that must be let go of. My inner child has wept, rejoiced, rebelled, received, played, and I’ve been able to release so much. In the space I have emptied and reclaimed, my Queen has emerged. I no longer see myself as separate to her but as living in me, ALIVE and ready - because I am now."


Alison A.

"It's a whole new sense of trust that I have when I wake up in the morning. And it's like every cell in my being and in my body just knows that it's going to be okay. And that is such a different way to navigate through life.
I remember the first time that I met Sand...she made me see myself in a new way, a really beautiful way. And I feel like her seeing the beauty in me, made me see the beauty in myself. And it gave me the courage and strength to look at some of the things that are hard in my life.
If you're debating this program, I would definitely say dive in. It's gonna be a marker on your life and you're gonna remember the before and after. It's gonna be something that changes how you see yourself in the mirror. It's gonna change your mind, your body and your soul."


Tulip D.

"To the woman who feels on the fence about whether to commit I would say, I've been in your shoes, and I understand what that feels like. But if you can take this leap of faith, it will pay off a hundredfold. It'll pay off in so many different ways, for the rest of your life and through the people around you and through the next generations. I feel these are the kinds of things you should be learning in school or from family, because they're so important, about yourself and about the universe. And so, if you can, just go for it."


Sonya J.

You came to this Earth to live your most Confident, Whole and Authentic Self.

You are meant to live in your power.

  • honor your intuition as a profound source of wisdom
  • do whatever it takes and see accountability (to yourself) as sexy
  • put down the little girl strategies that no longer serve (the pleaser, the princess, the victim) and put on your big girl pants
  • the willingness to be honest, most of all with yourself
  • be ready to see your sisters as powerful allies, remembering the power of sisterhood
  • have the courage to confront your own patterns and the determination to break them
  • be coachable, in other words, willing to be called on your sh*t
  • unlock the hidden medicines you carry, and offer them to the world

This is not a short cut to your healing or inner growth.

Some Frequently Asked Questions
Some Frequently Asked Questions

Powerful Weekly, 2-hour Teaching and Experience Sessions with Sand
(Value $4,800)

Code Activations of vital Sovereign energies
(Value $2,400)

Group Q&A sessions with Sand
(Value $3,000)

Visualizations and Assignments to Integrate your Learnings
(Value $2,400)

A Graduation Ritual to Integrate your Transformation
(Value $1,500)

8-Week Access to the Learning Resource Hub
(Value $Priceless)

Sacred Small Groups for Peer Support
(Value $Priceless)

Private Communication Hub for Program Participants
(Value $Priceless)

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