An Online Ceremony for Women
Exploring their Feminine Essence


As women our Sacred Waters carry our own Feminine Essence and connect us, through the waters everywhere, to all of Life.

In this monthly offering we use meditation, ceremony and teachings to understand, deepen and heal these vital connections. 


Reserve your Seat at these Upcoming Ceremonies

(Rise As She members: your place in this ceremony is reserved Free of Charge.
Check the RAS calendar for details.)

Sacred Water Ceremony - December 10

$20.00 USD

Note: all ceremonies are 6:00 - 7:30pm (Pacific).


When We Gather

This is a powerful and sacred ceremony. As we sit together (virtually) we are connecting into our own Sacred Waters and out to all of the Waters everywhere.

Through a beautiful weave of meditation and teachings you will learn more about your relationship with your own Waters, and your Feminine Essence.

Through our prayers we will be cleansing and healing the Waters of Pachamama, Mother Earth.

Come join me. I look forward to sitting with you soon,

Eternal Love,


Can't Make the Date?

Drop your details and we'll make sure to tell you about future ceremonies. We come together each month at the New Moon.

"I learned that water can hold me and invite me into it. And being blessed by water is a beautiful ceremony"

"I learned that the freedom and lightness I feel when I am in the water is something I can feel while on the earth when I take care of my body"

"learned that I can melt my own sadness/judgement + water is an infinite well of energy"

"Water is transforming, transcending, and transmuting. 🌊. Our relationship with water mirrors our relationship with our own sacred waters. We cannot rid of our moon medicines, instead, through water, we can transcend them. ✨"

"I’m feeling clear. I learned that I can only heal my fractured relationship with water by exploring my relationship with it more deeply."

"I’m full of joy and feeling nourished"

"I am always so surprised by all that I possess within me - that I contain within myself all the medicines that I need. After tonight I have a better understanding of the water within me and its power and energy"

"I am feeling nourished. I learned to meet my moon medicine with a sun medicine. My application from tonight is to send sacred waters and prayers of love to my dear friend Kathryn who is currently experiencing the dying process."

"Water can be really intense"

"Water is life and hears my prayers <3 💕🌸🌷❤️"

"I learned that I have a desire to swim deep in water and allow water to hold me physically and that also reflects my desire to deeply explore myself."

"I know there have been strong women in my family for generations. We've all had our own struggles, but we are resilient. I feel comforted and more confident in my own power/strength, because it comes from within."

"can clear the wound that I was carrying in my womb-uterus from ancestors-lineage- thank to water I am in the flow of life- life force energy id back in my womb"

** All comments have been shared with permission