A year-long leadership immersive for bold, pioneering women determined to break out of the masculine roles imposed on female entrepreneurs for centuries. 


When you lead from the depth of your feminine perspectives you will revolutionize everything you touch.

When we bring the gifts and wisdom of the feminine, in sisterhood, we will move the world.

This Program is Open Enrollment.
It is already running and welcoming new sisters as soon as they are ready.

Come join us.


Come join me at the edge. From which we will leap.

And leap we must, because there is no path laid out for us women to bring our authentic feminine power and wisdom in leadership in this male-dominated world. That path was cut out from underneath us generations ago.

So it falls to those of us who can hear this call to boldly bring a new leadership that comes from the depth of the feminine we carry.  A leadership that appears Radical and Visionary alongside the washed out alternative available to all of those stuck in the paradigm of power and hierarchy. This is a leadership that will transform any venture in which you show up, bold, unapologetic, authentically you. 

And you?

You've known deep inside your heart for years that you are different. You can not be your full self in that pale, stale, male world. 

You KNOW you need to pave your own way, do your own thing, yet even there you haven't found your freedom - there are still 'appropriate' paths, and titles that don't quite fit. Cages to your wild. 

You are ready to create, build and masterfully run your life, your business, your venture in a RADICAL REVOLUTIONARY way! 

Your choice is stark: continue to go down the path where someone else will tell you how you should lead, or the other path - into your wild.

There are no more signposts. It's time to trust yourself as the Feminine-in-Action. Trust your loudness, quietness, smartness, weirdness, excess, stubbornness, sexuality. Trust your PURE PASSION. Erupt, explode and UNLEASH the GENIE. Be the RADICAL VISIONARY you were born to be.

It is an HONOR to meet you. Let's start, birthing new paradigms, rewriting maps, bending rules and breaking free.

It's time. Life needs you. All of you. Are you ready?

Are You Ready?

This program is by application only. To ensure the program is the right fit for you, and you for it, we invite you into a personal discovery call with Sand.

We Will Be Focusing on ...

Radical Trust Mindset

We'll banish the imposter, the pleaser, the polite girl and all the other saboteurs that we've been given over the years. And then make a welcome space for the confidence that flows, quite naturally, from the alignment with our soul.

Your Cosmic Connection

We're going to put this front and center of your practices, your decision making, your sensing and action. After all, if you are tapped into the highest intelligence in the Universe, we have to make use of it. Expect to activate and use your intuition, your cycles and your body.

Leading from the Feminine

We are not here to compete with men -  we are here to bring the POWER of the Divine Feminine & the Divine Masculine working in ALIGNMENT to dissolve old paradigms of "how it's been done" and "that's just the way it is" - to find NEW paths for the Radical Visionary to LEAD from. 

Soul Aligned Vision

When you can see it you can manifest it. That's what women can do - if we remember how! So we will be taking off the blinkers you didn't know you were wearing, to see more, to see further to see connections others don't make.

Success by Co-creation

It's not guts, determination, a fancy MBA nor any of the other traditional norms that will provide breakthrough leadership. Quite simply it will be your ability to co-create, partnering with Life.

You Will Learn To

  • drop the familiar, re-think 'normal' and reinvent what's possible
  • create breakthroughs in every venture where you bring leadership
  • embody and bring your Feminine Magic to the workplace
    (and anywhere else it used to feel unwelcome)
  • feel confident bringing your whole, authentic, feminine self into every conversation
  • trust yourself to make decisions from your intuitive self
  • lean into your connection with Universal Intelligence at every turn
  • bring a fierce new accountability to how you show up as Sovereign, Sage and Radical Visionary
  • operate from your body, your rhythms and your creative cycle

And through all of this you will transform your impact as a leader in your business, project or venture.


"Sand is wise beyond worlds and dimensions. She is a truth seeker and teacher. An incredible healer. A true dancer of Life!"

Program Elements

Private Coaching

These sessions with Sand as transformational coach, sacred mirror and seer are rocket fuel.

Teaching Calls

The wisdom, the insights and the experience you need to learn the methods of Radical Visionary Leadership.

Group Coaching 

The irresistible force of like-hearted women on a mission to lift each other up.

Breakthrough Projects

Bring the real-life challenges and focus all the resources of the program on creating breakthroughs: expect miracles.

What's included:

  • 10 1:1 Seer Coaching sessions with Sand (Value $7.500)
  • 12 Wisdom Teachings (Value $7,200)
  • 26 Group Coaching meetings (Value $5,200)
  • 4 Small Group Breakthrough Projects ($2,800)
  • Mastermind Group of visionary leaders for networking, peer learning, joint ventures and more (Value $12,000)
  • Private Facebook community forum (Value $1,200)


  • Complimentary access to all Sand's additional trainings, activations and other live events for 12 months (Value $incalculable)
  • 12 months access to the events and resources of the Unique Feminine Signature Program (Value $13,994)

TOTAL VALUE $35,900 - and not what you pay!

This program is for a select group of women who are serious about their life and leadership, and who are ready to make a five-figure investment in an entirely new future.

Get Ready to Reframe Leadership.
Get Ready to Reframe Leadership.

Is This You?

We invite you to apply for this experience if ...

  • you know there is more, much more, for you to share in the world
  • you are tired of the limitations our culture placed on women
  • you are ready to create, build and masterfully run your life, your business, your venture in a RADICAL REVOLUTIONARY way!
  • you can admit part of the obstacle has been inside of you (and you are so done with that)

Come on in if you want to discover a conscious feminine leadership that is simultaneously ...

  • gentle as a warm breeze and fierce like a mama bear
  • led by the whispers of the Cosmos and organized by The Universe to repeatably delight your clients or community
  • revolutionary and ancient as the Earth we walk upon

You will thrive in this program if you ...

  • have already tasted some success and have an appetite for more
  • are happy thinking outside the box and breaking other people's rules
  • you want to put all of your passion and gifts into creating a legacy that serves Life

To join this program you need ...

  • the humility to know there is so much more of you to share with the world

  • that feeling of nervous anticipation that tells you you are about to ask more of yourself than ever before

  • a leadership playground where you can experiment with how you lead, practice new moves and break old rules

When you've run out of signposts, it's time to blaze a trail of your own. You're ready.

Step Into Your Vision

This program is by application only. To ensure the program is the right fit for you, and you for it, we invite you into a personal discovery call with Sand.


"I’m so very fortunate and beyond grateful that I’ve had the good karma and honor to have Sand as my guide and healer. So many millions do not have that. And wow, what a world this would be if everyone had such a being in their lives. Thank you Sand for your brilliance and love."

The Details

This Program is Open Enrollment.
You can join anytime.
How's Now?

Sessions will occur weekly via Zoom, on Tuesdays, 11-12:15 PST.