Sand Symes

Reconnecting with the Sacred - Peru 2019

a journey of transformation in Peru


a medicine journey to the sacred valley of Peru

September 30 - October 9, 2019


Join us for a journey of Spiritual enquiry and transformation

Where better to rediscover our relationship with the sacred than the Sacred Valley of Peru. Nestled high in the Andes mountain range it has been the home of cultures steeped in wisdom for centuries, a way of life which is based so firmly in celebrating the sacred.

This is for you if;

  • you know there is a deeper perspective to find for your life

  • you are curious about the wisdom of ancient ways that supported sustainable and fulfilling life

  • you thirst for a connection to the unseen realm


"Jon and Sand are some of the most loving, compassionate, authentic, and self-effacing people I have ever met. They are committed to their personal growth, healing, and transformation as individuals and in partnership. And they are committed to radiating this to those around them. Furthermore, they are powerful leaders and facilitators of transformational experiences. Over the years, I've had the privilege to work with them, sit with them in ceremony, and journey with them to the Amazon rainforest. Their balance of heart and mind, awareness and action, and compassion and drive—as well as their connection to the people, places, and medicine of the Sacred Valley in Peru—make their offering a very blessed gift for those who wish to journey to this part of the world for a life-changing experience."

Ryan Anderson


Journey Dates: September 30 - October 9, 2019

Our 10 days together will blend together encounters with the sacred in multiple forms; learning about the Andean cosmovision, exploring sacred sites in the Valley, journeying with the plant medicines revered by generations for the assistance they provide to people seeking vision and guidance, and more. Woven throughout will be opportunities to tend body and spirit in a variety of healing modalities and practical enquiry about how we can adapt our lives on our return to incorporate a greater connection with the sacred.

Highlights of the itinerary include;

  • Welcome from the Q’ero nation

  • Introduction to the Andean cosmovision

  • Meditation at Inihuatana, the Sun Temple

  • Ceremony with both Grandmother and Grandfather plants

  • Sound healing ceremony

In addition to the structured activities there will be time for acclimatization (the Sacred Valley is at about 10,000 ft), integration, rest and the deep inner enquiry that this journey is designed to provoke.

The journey starts and ends in Cusco, at the airport that connects to the international airport in Lima.


“In 2015, I went on a Pachamama Journey in Ecuador and the Amazon Jungle with Sand and Jon Symes as our journey leaders. First of all, it was one of the most memorable and profound experiences of my life. It was conducted with such consciousness and an abundance of the most amazing locations and people. Each day was very full, and it took a lot of organization to have it flow smoothly with a group of people, most of whom had never even been in South America, much less had an experience like this. Also, the key to being a journey leader is not to provide all the answers we may think we want, but to help us to discover those answers for ourselves. Sand and Jon were able to accomplish this with total and transparent expertise, while at the same time, being relaxed and fun to be with. It’s like they were just part of the group, but at the same time, they were guiding us with total care.  I trusted them completely. If I ever do another journey of this kind, I will insist Sand and Jon are my leaders.”  

Nancy Coleman

Meet Your Guides

Sand and the Valley.JPG

Sand Symes is known to many as a modern medicine woman, gifted in the arts of healing and the ways of spirit. Her own journey to discover and offer these gifts has included over a decade spending time with the indigenous people and traditions of both the Andes and the jungles of the Amazon. Along with her husband Jon, she has led journeys in Ecuador for the Pachamama Alliance and has also lived in Ecuador and the sacred valley where this journey will go. Sand will offer all of her wisdom experiences and healing modalities.


Jon Symes began to learn about the sacred ways of South America during his years with the Pachamama Alliance, journeying into the Amazon and the Andes with travelers from the North. He has distilled what he learned from those experiences into his work with corporations and individuals delving into what it is to be fully human. A poet and writer, Jon will help us in this enquiry about living our lives with the sacred.


Luz Maria Ampuero Tello, or Luzma, is a Peruvian medicine woman living in Pisac in the heart of the Sacred Valley. Her life has been devoted to this work and to her vision of a center in which we can birth a new consciousness for this new age in which we live. The manifestation of this vision is Tierra Nuna Ayni, the land-based community which she has built in Pisac. Luzma will make her own knowledge, wisdom and gifts available to us during this journey.




Throughout our visit we will be staying on Tierra Nuna Ayni. Recently constructed this is the manifestation of a long-held vision of Luzma and the organization Nuna Ayni. Designed as an experiential learning and healing center, it will serve as a replicable model of a self-sustainable community integrating the four areas of Health, Ecology, Arts & Culture and Sustainability.

We will live in communal style, sharing rooms and eating together.


The journey cost is $2,600 and includes all accommodation, food and transport during the 10 day journey. The price does not include travel to and from Cusco.

We request a non-refundable deposit of $500 to secure your place on this journey and then will require payment of the balance not less than one month before the journey starts.

We are also offering an Early Bird discount of $250 for bookings taken before May 25th.


“I have known Jon and Sand in many guises over nearly a decade, they have been both an inspiration and teachers, and I trust them completely as leaders both in journeying to new places and the inner enquiry that goes hand in hand with traveling to different cultures and places. They are both keen students of life, which means they lead with curiosity alive in themselves, which fosters openness, curiosity and the possibility of transformation for those traveling with them. Journeying with them is beyond traveling, it’s an invitation to connection with what is sacred to each one and to take care of it with a sense of belonging to an spiritual community of fellow guardians of the sacred. I encourage you to journey with them, I’m sure it will be a decision you won’t regret but would be grateful you made.”

Andrés Novoa


Discovery calls

We want to help you to make a fully informed decision to journey with us to Peru, and to help with this we are offering either;

  1. to book a personal call with Sand and/or Jon to discuss your participation in more detail, or

  2. a series of Discovery Calls on the last Sunday of each month at 5pm (Pacific).