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A Note on Cancellation: this program is a sacred container for your growth and transformation. As such it entails deep inner reflection and the confrontation of aspects of ourselves which need to be brought into the light and healed. This process is not always easy or comfortable and requires an unwavering personal commitment that will hold you and carry you through any periods where your motivation is challenged. Therefore we expect that once you have entered into the program that you will continue for the full term, with every assistance needed from Sand and her team. In the spirit of that level of commitment, we do not offer refunds for cancellation and reserve the right to charge a cancellation fee.

We also understand that some external circumstances could affect your ability to participate in the program. Should these circumstances occur, please do talk to us immediately. Sand will work with you to surmount any obstacles that arise, or if necessary, help you leave the program. Refunds may be made, at Sand's discretion, in those unfortunate circumstances.

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Queen Coaching Program - Single Payment


to consistently embody your inner queen, and to take charge of and create the life of your dreams

What you'll get:

  • Access to Sand live 3 times each month
  • Group coaching to help you navigate whatever circumstances you face
  • Q & A sessions to ground your understanding and accelerate your learning
  • New and Full Moon Breathwork Journeys to allow you to access the guidance of the Ancestors
  • VIP sessions prior to each Breathwork Journey to allow you to maximize the impact of these Journeys
  • Monthly accountability practices to keep you on track towards your goals
  • Embodiment assignments and life-changing practices to create new possibilities immediately
  • Private online community of like-minded women, supporting and cheering each other on
  • A well-stocked library of powerful tools and recordings to inspire your continuing journey


What People Are Saying:

After working with Sand in the Sovereignty Blueprint Program, I noticed myself shifting from a primarily mental process to an embodied one. I am able to lean into my true and authentic self and learn to make choices from that space. I am now feeling more aligned, joyful and whole!

Andrea P.

After working with Sand in the Sovereignty Blueprint Program, I noticed myself shifting from flailing, & deeply struggling with life, I had forgotten myself -- to more realization of how I am, awareness of when I am triggered or activated, and a desire to change. Now I get to continue to practice how to change. Coming out of Sand's program, a matter of weeks later, I realize that I am fucking stellar as my authentic queen.

Christina C.

I’m 100% not the woman I was. I was always living in the past and future and never the present. I was always anxious, on edge, and honestly rarely ever grounded. I could not unlock past traumas and black holes of my past and move forward until Sand's programs gave me the tools to let go and be the woman I was created to be. It’s been LIFE CHANGING.

Jackie V.