Sand Symes
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My Story


Hello Dear Ones!

I am Sand, a modern medicine woman, shamanic practitioner, spiritual teacher and intuitive guide.

My journey is one of surrender and seeking: surrendering to the call of spirit and seeking out Ancient rituals and practices that create Sacred spaces for self-acceptance and transformation.

My work today creates the space for people to foster their own connection to Spirit, to aid their own healing and to know themselves more fully as their own essence of Truth.


how it all began…

As a young girl I saw and felt people's energy, worshiped the sun and spoke with the stars.

Scolded and ridiculed when this disturbed adults around me, my communion with Spirit faded.

But Spirit kept knocking. Nightly visitations for five full years reacquainted me with the spirit world, voices asking if I was ready for my prayers to be answered. Dark nights of the soul. Dreams to awaken me to the nature of Truth.

So I kept searching. My meditation practice deepened; I could hear the whispers more clearly, and follow them more readily. I studied, found teachers, and traveled all around the world - South Africa, Fiji, India, Peru, Ecuador, Europe, the US - each adventure another step on the path to wholeness.

My transformational journey took a new and unexpected turn in 2006 when I moved to California, where I found the traditions and wisdom of indigenous people in North America and then the Ecuadorian Amazon and jungles of Peru. Now purposefully cultivating my connection to Spirit, I immersed myself in deep listening and silence.


I delved into sacred rituals, ceremonies and ancient teachings with powerful shamans and authentic medicine men and women.


I led journeys into the Amazon on behalf of The Pachamama Alliance and sat with teachers of native wisdom here in North America. I continued studying with speakers of Truth from traditions rooted in ancient India, and constantly surrendered to the mantra "let me know the deepest Truth".

This quest and my constant, prayerful communing with the Divine now bears fruit in my capacity to commune with the world of Spirit and the Intelligence of Consciousness, both with-in and with-out.


I am profoundly grateful for, and want to acknowledge the elders, teachers and wisdom keepers that I have received instruction from that continue to inform my life, my practice and my work in ever enriching and humbling ways. I recognize, with deepest integrity,  the responsibility that I hold in the sharing of certain indigenous centered practices and wisdom teachings that are inherent in all traditional cultures.

I am a member of The Society of Shamanic Practitioners and support and endorse the work of Tree Sisters, Pachamama Alliance and The Centre for Sacred Studies.

I am blessed and profoundly grateful to be a mother to two incredible, amazing grown-up children, a grandmother to beautiful, precious, Ariana, and a partner to my loving husband Jon.