Sand Symes

Modern Medicine Circle






I am thrilled to create this unique experience as a safe space where courageous women can take bold steps discovering and declaring who they really are, their full, true and Authentic Selves.

It really is my signature event, into which I’ve poured all that I have learned, been taught, witness and experienced in my life to date. From working inside women’s prisons, to the shanty towns of South Africa, and the deepest places in the Amazon. I’ve distilled all of this wisdom into this beautiful heartfelt Sacred Modern Medicine Circle; every broken heart I’ve held deepens the safety of this circle, every courageous step I’ve witnessed will empower all of us.


In this six hour workshop, you will be held, supported and guided in the discovery of your very own medicine configuration, a crucial step in offering your unique contribution to the world. This unique combination of soul aspects will not only allow you to shine as the brightest version of yourself, but also raises the vibration of the collective feminine.

What to expect;

  1. Ancient Rituals to discover your Sun and Moon Medicines

  2. An immersive Shamanic journey to find your Spirit guides and speak with your ancestors

  3. To uncover one of the biggest "mistakes" women are making that limits their feminine power

  4. Earth-based wisdoms & teachings

  5. One-on-one coaching

  6. Heartfelt sharing with a conscious community of like-minded women

  7. Self-discovery through journaling

  8. Deepened connection to your newly awakened sisterhood

  9. A unique “Medicine Bag” of tools



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Your life is calling for you to claim this part of yourself that you have been taught to hide away. No more hiding  . . . . . 

We need to learn how to embrace and express our true and authentic selves. To do this, we invite you to find your “Medicines” so that you can offer your unique contributions to the world around you.

Held and supported by Sand Symes, a Modern-day Medicine Woman, this workshop will guide you to discover your very own Medicine configuration; a unique combination of soul aspects that not only allow you to shine as the brightest versions of yourself but also raise the vibration of the collective Feminine.

You'll spend the day being led through an immersive Shamanic journey, ritual and earth-based practices, guided meditations, journal discovery, one-on-one coaching, and deep sharing, leaving with a deeper connection to your newly awakened sisterhood, as well as a Medicine bag of tools to help you embrace these hidden capacities and keep returning to them again and again and again.

August 10th, 10am-5:30pm // Venue: Sunrise Center, Corte Madera




What are our Medicines?

For the challenges we face and the dreams we hope to realize, we have a range of inner medicines to call on. These are the gifts and qualities, in unique combination, that were planted inside of us when we entered this world. Sadly, you and I both were somehow taught to hide away the gifts that made others feel uncomfortable, to turn down our shining light or to play particular roles to win approval and love. Which means that the most important and most rewarding work of our adult lives is to uncover, reclaim and express these medicines. That is the work of this series, to claim our power, find our voice and embody the qualities with which we are specifically blessed.

And What is the Modern Medicine Circle?

I am creating this circle as a container where we can confront our real-life fears, challenges and opportunities in the company of other courageous women. In this space I will lead us to journey within and explore our medicines. We’ll work to access the Sun medicines and amplify their impact in our lives. Some of these are available to all of us, our human qualities of wisdom and compassion, playfulness and trust. And acknowledge with compassion our Moon Medicines (shadow) lest they throw us off-track or sabotage our efforts.

Each month we will shine a light on a specific medicine that will serve us all, working to remove all that stands in the way of us accessing and embodying that particular quality. So expect to we shine light in shadowed corners, confront real challenges, share your experiences and be inspired by others in the circle, and ultimately get access to new possibilities that arise from learning to embody your medicines.

Is this series for me?

These events have been designed and curated as a safe, transformative experiences for people identifying as women. You may have worked with Sand or experienced one of her sessions before, or you may be completely new to her work,

This series is for you if;

  • you’ve been touched by Sand and want to go deeper

  • she invited you to be here

  • you’ve experienced the power available when women sit in sacred circle

  • you know there is more inside of you than the world has seen yet

  • if you are suffering or have challenges to overcome

  • if its time to make a key move, or realize a long-held dream

  • if you know there is more to life

  • if you are looking for a powerful vehicle for your soul

  • if you are awakening to a deeper part of yourself

  • if you want to stand up a little straighter and speak with a more Authentic voice

  • if you are being fuelled by a sense of connection, love and community