Sand Symes

1:1 Mentoring

Spiritual Mentoring

Who is it for?

In times of transition, accelerated change or rapid growth it can tremendously helpful to have support from someone who knows us deeply and sees beneath to circumstance to the more substantial elements of our lives from which real change is manifest.

What is spiritual mentoring?

We continue in a relationship of mentoring structured for me to continue to hold you in your development.

This is not coaching, this is not counselling, this is not therapy. It is the gentle holding of your soul as you journey toward wholeness.

How it works

Wherever possible we'll start by meeting together in person. After that we'll combine a phone connection twice a month with email and text communication. Sand will provide questions and assignments designed to ease you into new ways of thinking and being. 

What people are saying

"You have touched my life and my heart so deeply and I am so grateful to you for helping me learn how to fly!"

"You are a witness, a love guide, open, safe and nourishing. You saw my shadow of a vulnerable, angry, sad, lonely person. You gave me breath to explore unchartered words.....beyond grateful."