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Feminine Brilliance

Dear Sister,

Now is the time for women to be rising into their sovereignty and their power.

That's why we both are delighted to be partnering and joining our offers to support women everywhere.

Which means supporting you in your own growth.

Your sisters

Sand Symes

Jenna Monaco

Jenna Monaco

Feeling Inspired?

Leverage your momentum and book a Discovery Call with Sand! During this call you will:

  • Find at least one powerhouse medicine that you carry
  • Identify the inner saboteur who is blocking your progress
  • Leave the call with next steps that will turn your inspiration into action and your action into results

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Three Paths to Explore:
Three Paths to Explore:

The Sovereignty Blueprint is a 4-month Group Immersive of healing and activation for you to claim your Voice, Purpose & Power. To be the Queen of your own life.


The Radical Visionary Mastermind is a year-long immersive for bold, pioneering women determined to bring Feminine values and wisdom into their leadership.


The Sage Academy will offer a range of programs designed to help you learn the arts of healing and transformation in Sand's unique style. Details for '22 programs to follow.


Who is Sand?

Sand is a modern medicine woman and seer, a spiritual teacher and mentor. She carries the timeless gifts that women have always had access to: seeing energies, healing, creating the magic of transformation.

Life has called her from her roots in the UK, to learn from masters and shaman from the jungles of Fiji to Ecuador to the mountains of England and Peru. She now lives in California, where the pioneering spirit of exploration and innovation is still so alive.

Her Mission

Sand's own soul-mission is to support the emergence of the Divine Feminine as part of the great awakening underway on Planet Earth. This will be built on the emergence of feminine wisdom and a  radical re-balancing of the feminine and masculine.  

Every part of this mission is inspired and led by Spirit. And in her teachings, you will learn how to hear and follow this guidance in service of your own soul-mission.

Sand Symes
Why Now?

These are the days the prophecies have spoken of. This is the time for humanity to awaken and find a new balance. This is the generation blessed to hear Life's call. And we are the women blessed to be able to respond to that call, bringing our full feminine brilliance alive in service of Life.

Client Testimonials

Krista Haskell

"God seeps from your Being, Sand.

With you there is only Truth, with you there is only Light, with you there is only love love love!."

Jill Benioff

"Sand is loving and authentic to the core! I have dived deeply because of you. You hold us all in your oceans of infinity. Beautiful mother of all you touch. You are a fierce warrior of kindness, love and Grace. You are a Goddess of leading, teaching and healing!"

Lillian Sultan

"Working with Sand has been a life-changing experience, and I do NOT use that word lightly. Within a moment of meeting Sand and looking into her eyes I felt seen and held in a profound way."

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