Sand Symes

1:1 Healing

Energy Healing



The practice of healing involves re-connecting ourselves to the true and authentic core of our being. In this connection lies the possibility of rebalancing, moving stuck energies, accessing our own truth and vitality.

The good news is that we all have the capacity to access this connection. When you bring your desire for wholeness and willingness to transcend old patterns, Sand, as your healing guide, is able to facilitate this connection.  

Balance, and imbalance can present in one or more of our "bodies"; the physical, spiritual, emotional and mental. Sand's healing works with all of these.


Who is this for?

You may be dealing with some of the ways in which stuck energy manifests in our bodies and our lives:

  • as physical pain or trauma

  • as emotional distress

  • as confusion, lack of clarity, stress

Or you may be wanting to bring more peace, balance or joy into your life and your relationships. Sand's sessions can help you;

  • find greater clarity and purpose

  • unhook old behaviour patterns

  • access more energy and presence

  • live with more love and joy

How It works

The Energy Healing process starts with your conscious decision to move toward balance and wholeness in your life. Then, through conversation and intuitive awareness, Sand will help you to clarify what most needs attention and healing.

Guided by your needs Sand then combines dialogue, somatic bodywork, meditation, breath work, shamanic energy practices and other healing modalities to restore balance.

There are typically two stages in each session with Sand.

1. Rebalancing

Typically this phase of the healing takes a couple of sessions. Sand will assess what is out of balance, clear the blocks and help you find balance and more space in your self and your life. 

By the end of this phase you will be clear what further steps you might want to take, and how Sand might support you in those.


2. toward wholeness

Sand will support you in creating a conscious path to wholeness, which may combine any of these elements;

  • further 1:1 visits for Energy Healing to continue to train your bodies to find and hold balance to support you in living your life in full expression.

  • a Spiritual Mentoring support to hold you in times of accelerated change and to be a continuing presence in your life. This can be in person or remotely by phone or video link

  • an invitation to Sand's Women's Groups or Deep Dives


what people are saying

"You have opened my heart and helped me know myself again. Which I had thought was virtually impossible. You healing touch penetrated my frail and sick body and my closed heart. Miracle Worker is who you are. I am forever grateful."

"You have shown me so much abundant love that my heart bursts at the thoughts of how generous of spirit and heart you are. You are an angel on my shoulder!"

"Sand is a powerful. loving. full of light teacher, healer, divine energy warrior Goddess, that carriers us al into the Truth, Love & Light."

“I looked at myself in the mirror after our session and I felt I had lost 10 years - haha!”