These include ceremonies, teachings and inner journeys; all are designed to support you living as a Fully Awakened Woman.


As women our Sacred Waters carry our own feminine essence and link us, through the waters everywhere, to all of Life.

Every month at the New Moon we gather with teaching, ceremony and prayer to understand, deepen and heal these vital connections.

Please bring sisters from around the world to this virtual gathering.

Tell Me about the Next Ceremony
It was an amazing experience praying together with the water, one word "healing" kept coming to me for all of my sisters and for our Earth.


Natasha Morozova

A powerful opportunity awaits us when we journey deep within our selves and out, beyond the ordinary, where we can encounter spirit and ancestors waiting to share their love, wisdom and guidance.

These benevolent energies are ready to support you with insight and healing and sometimes with medicines to rewrite the past.

Tell Me about the Next Journey
Sand's healing presence is a rare and beautiful trait that is what's missing from all of our lives. All of us need some Sand!


Jenice Wilson