For Insight, Guidance & Healing from the Ancestors

A powerful opportunity awaits us when we journey deep within our selves and out, beyond the ordinary, where we can encounter spirit and ancestors waiting to share their love, wisdom and guidance.

These benevolent energies are ready to support you with insight and healing, sometimes with medicines to rewrite the past and guide you in your future.

In this monthly offering we journey together humbly seeking support from the unseen realms.


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When We Gather

In this safe and sacred space we can journey, with purpose and intention, to find the support that we most need in this moment of our lives.

This experience uses shamanic tradition and practices. With me as your guide we will access the Unseen Realms and call forth Spirit Guides and Ancestors who support our highest good and lead us towards remembering the truth of who we are.

Some participants return from this journey with clear accounts of experiences from way beyond their normal range of consciousness, others have less conscious recall but report a sense of greater peace or comfort with the choices they are facing. This is a journey not to be missed.

Come join me. I look forward to sitting with you soon,

Eternal Love,


P.S. Free participation in this Journey is one of the benefits of membership in Rise As She

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"My grandparents came to me and reminded me I have all the gifts inside and I am the link to heal many layers"

"I found compassion and kindness—I was held and forgiven by someone that I have been holding onto for a very long time."

"I feel ready to step into my power, and I have found the clarity to take in a relationship that’s for the highest good."

“I felt my fire got put out, and then I got my fire back”

"What a powerful journey!"

"I feel aligned and strong. I am listening to my inner self. Sharing these sun medicines with all my sisters."

"What came up for me was empowerment and freedom... Being in circle with and releasing past attachments one by one to make space for new love, while surrounded by beloved sisters dancing."

"I feel light. I am on the right path of my dreams, my future that I’ve been working on and praying for..."

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