Sand Symes

Deep Dive

What is a Deep Dive?

A Deep Dive is when someone is ready to fully immerse themselves in an inner enquiry of personal depth and a readiness to 'let go' and surrender to a higher purpose of Self and Truth.


This work is for someone who is ready to look at all aspects of themselves.

How do they work

We also use the same format, closed groups and short-term commitment, to dive deeply into specific topics, including;

  • Sensuality & Sexuality
  • Healing & Sacred Touch
  • Relationships
  • Finding our Authentic Voice

What Women are saying

"Sand is a Mother of Spirit. Guide. A cosmic force with human eyes and heart. Deep diver of life, guiding us to dive deeper into our souls, penetrating the layers - oh so many layers. Navigating through calm of journeys weathered, tired, seeking souls."

"Sand is loving and authentic to the core! I have dived deeply because of you. You hold us all in your oceans of infinity. Beautiful mother of all you touch. You are a fierce warrior of kindness, love and Grace. You are a Goddess of leading, teaching and healing."