Are you ready to UNLOCK your most POWER-FULL RADIANT SELF?


 The Deep Dive is a transformative 9-week group coaching intensive to ACTIVATE, UNLOCK & UNLEASH your full power and potential. 


The art of ancient shamanic practices and the wisdom of modern personal development all in ONE program.


The Spring 2021 Deep Dive has begun.

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If you’ve found your way to this page, there’s a reason why….

You are being led by your inner compass that has been whispering to you to follow your intuition. 

Now you can hear those whispers! 

This is the voice of your “Wise Sage” or Higher Power,  that is connected to the ancient wisdom that you have always carried within you. The part of you that knows it is time. 

Time to embody more love, courage, creativity, abundance and purpose!  

Most importantly, it’s time to take action. 

You’ve been looking on the outside, dear one, when the answers are within you. The support is ALL around you. There’s an entire Universe available to help you find the passion, wonder, beauty and wisdom that is inside of you.

Your power awaits you. Don’t wait - not this time. Come join me!

Come join me,


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What the Deep Dive Graduates have to say:


In this program you will activate . . .



Your Inner Knowing & Medicines 

You are wise beyond words. Within you, you have all the answers you seek. You’ve been blessed with incredible talents, gifts,  characteristics and qualities. Some of them you already know, others are waiting to be found. Even what you have known as your weaknesses are amazing gifts hidden inside. You’ll learn to see, know and use your “medicines” (your gifts that make you UNIQUE). You will begin to claim your FULL self.


Your Sensuality & Sexuality

There’s nothing juicier than the Feminine Essence; it's your creativity! Your sensual and sexual energy.  Your very LIFE FORCE. This is not about sex. It is SO much more than that! As a woman your essence is wise beyond words --deeply loving, passionate, fiery and connected to all of Life. You are a creative life force. Do you know how powerful you are? When you truly know yourself as a woman and embrace your sensuality and sexuality, new dimensions open up, new ways of uncovering your inner flame. The real YOU will emerge.



Your Powerful Authentic Voice

Your voice is powerful. You will discover that you have a full range of ‘ voice’ that’s waiting to be explored. Your voice might’ve been suppressed over the years by outside factors, but you will find it again. You’ll find your “Yes” and “No”. You’ll reclaim your ability to express yourself, assert boundaries, communicate depth and love. You’ll show up as YOU and you might be surprised by the positive response you receive from the world around you.



Your Connection to Spirit

You’re a magical spiritual being with divine powers that you’ve yet to tap into. You’re going to journey through a door to meet your partner in co-creation, the Universe, a benevolent, abundant energy that is available to support you in truly stepping into your power and living the life you came here to live. You’ll journey and connect to the Unseen Realms, where you’ll meet your ancestors and spirit guides who are waiting with healing, insight and guidance.



Your Wholeness & Connection to Community

Not only are you supported by the Universe, you have a tribe around you - a True Sisterhood - which is your secret weapon. You'll find a depth of compassion, support and acceptance in the powerful sisterhood that we build in the Deep Dive. And you’ll leave the program with sisters for life, who will be sacred mirrors showing you that you are WHOLE as you are, but that you are also not alone. You live in an interconnected world, and your sisters are there to support you!



Your NEW Self

You’ll learn how to integrate and embody all these lessons. You’ll see your new self emerge, and you’ll begin trying on these new ways of being. You’ll have the difficult conversations, push yourself to expand, reach for the goals and practice all the tools you’ve learned. You’ll embody the new information, becoming fully aware of how it FEELS in your body when you move with your authentic power.

The promise of the Deep Dive is simple: TRANSFORMATION.


✔️  You’ll experience a profound inner shift and uncover the beautiful, majestic warrior inside of you.

✔️  You’ll break free from limiting beliefs and constraints, diving into expansive new possibilities for every aspect of your life: relationships, career, purpose, health and well-being.

✔️  You’ll emerge as the powerful and inspiring woman that you are inside, ready to really live the life you’re meant to live.

✔️ You’ll connect to a higher power and spiritual guides, and will begin to feel energized and radically alive every single day. 

✔️ You’ll KNOW how to stand in your power in the most beautiful and loving way.

✔️ You’ll become a magnet for everything you desire because you will know the power of CO-CREATION, and that YOU create your life with the Universe. 

✔️  You’ll become authentically confident and visible to yourself and others

✔️ Your friends and loved ones will SEE the change in you - yet won’t be able to pinpoint it, leaving them thinking  you’ve changed your hair, clothes or something superficial, but you’ll tell them that you’ve AWAKENED to your power! 

This is the ONLY program available that incorporates the art of ancient shamanic practices and the practical wisdom of personal development. 



In this 9-week intensive we weave together;

  • Powerful weekly teachings where you learn to bridge the world between our modern day world and beyond the ‘veil’ into the Unseen Realms 

  • Activate and unlock your ability to travel to Higher Realms and connect with Spirit Guides and Ancestors. 

  • Begin to uncover old patterns and childhood messages that are keeping you stuck.

  • Learn how to embody the lessons and learn to activate your inner power so you will never forget how to call on these resources for the rest of your life.

  • Transformational 1:1 coaching to take you to the edge of your comfort zone and beyond.

  • Our unique model of sacred mirroring, which will show you your full inner beauty through the lens of others and the universe.

  • Intimate coaching group and accountability with your wise sisters in smaller groups of three. In this group, you meet every week to practice all that you are learning. Sand joins your group every other week for a super powerful group coaching session. 

  • Assignments to help you with the practical applications of the lessons. 

  • An online resource portal with incredible tools and teachings to support your learning and action (unlimited growth here!). 


And the invaluable component of this program: 

Sand’s deep wisdom from over 35 years supporting women, two decades of shamanic practices, and her unique ability and gift to SEE karmic energies (your ancestral wounding) that keeps you bound in your old patterns, plus her 25 years experience of human behavior/psychology.

She walks alongside you every step of the way. Sand knows the power you hold as a WOMAN walking on this earth, and is here to GUIDE you in becoming the most authentic,  powerful, divinely connected version of YOU! 

You were born for these times!


This is for You if ...

The Deep Dive is not for everyone. It's RIGHT for you when you are:

  • Longing to claim your full radiance and POWER.
  • Ready to find and claim your PURPOSE and VOICE.
  • Ready to break through inner glass ceilings (sister, you know there’s so much more!)
  • Willing to face your shadows, break old karmic patterns and limiting beliefs. 
  • Ready to connect to unseen realms and harness ancient and universal truths (the Universe is your co-creator!).
  • Ready to leave behind ‘blaming others’ for your life not working and powerfully step into being fully accountable and responsible for your EXTRA-ORDINARY life!
  • Prepared to put focus, time and energy into creating your dream life. 
  • Ready to live life through a lens of love, connection and deep inner knowing. 
  • Yearn to find a group of sisters who get you, love you and support you.
  • Ready to incorporate practical insights + spiritual knowledge to forge your own unique path. 
  • Ready to COMMIT to live the LIFE you came here to live , and . . .

. . . you are a
BIG YES to the ABUNDANCE and LOVE Life is waiting to bring you!

The Flow of the Deep Dive

Launch Day

Over the Launch Weekend, you’ll get to know all the women, as well as the intimate group, that you’ll be journeying with during this course. We’ll also review  the various parts of a woman (The 12 Selves) that create a WHOLE self and how these aspects are woven together to create a fully embodied woman.

Week 1

You’ll identify and clarify your focus for the program, as well as clearly define the barriers to your personal transformation. We’ll also understand the different aspects of mental, physical, emotional and spiritual connection. You’ll get familiarized with your Sun/Moon Medicines (the unique attributes that make up YOU) and you’ll learn to alchemize them.

Week 2

We’ll review the various belief systems that might be running your programming, as well as look at the inner child within you who is seeking your comfort and love. We’ll continue the journey with the Sun/Moon medicines and also start to familiarize yourself with your triggers. This week’s lessons cover the overarching personal, intergenerational, familial and societal trauma that might still live within your system.

Week 3

In Week 3, we’ll begin our exploration with the Unseen Realms. You’ll learn the art of the Shamanic Drumming Journey (What is it / Why we journey / Where we journey). You’ll understand the power of intention setting, as well as how to create a SACRED SPACE. And, you’ll meet your Spirit Guide(s) who will support you on your journey. This is the week that the spiritual wisdom begins to come through.

Week 4

You’ll explore your feminine essence, your lifeforce! You will reconnect to the deep caverns of your creativity and unblock sensual and sexual energies,  which are the source of your life force. You’ll understand what intuition feels like in your body and learn how to harness your feminine wisdom. Our feminine essence as women is often misunderstood, however, once you reclaim this part of yourself, you’ll uncover the deeper wisdom of this internal source.

Week 5

In Week 5, we’ll explore what it means to speak from your authentic voice. You’ll start to understand what it means to find your “Yes” and “No”, and develop strategies for maintaining your authenticity in all communications. Finding your voice is an incredibly inspiring portal to your power. Not only does it enable you to speak your truth, but also strengthens your intuitive wisdom.

Week 6

An effective daily spiritual practice and regular potent personal development tools are essential for your growth and for bringing wisdom into your daily life. We’ll work on making sure you have an inspiring daily routine that can help strengthen your inner growth muscles.

Week 7

In Week 7, we’ll move beyond the lessons and learn to EMBODY all that you’ve learned over the past weeks. You’ll go beyond awareness into action, making tangible steps to shaping your life that’s aligned with your soul.

Week 8

We’ll begin to explore the depth of relationship between safety and self. You’ll also start to understand how to tip out your emotions so that you can navigate your life more smoothly. And, you’ll begin to utilize your ancestor/spirit guide's help in coming home to yourself. Once you have this inner knowing of “coming home,” there’s little that will be able to shake you.

Week 9

In Week 9, you’ll journey to meet your Future Self, who will provide you with deep wisdom as you set forth on your path. You’ll also complete your Sacred Action Plan, which will help you as you move out of the Deep Dive and begin to create daily practices and tangible goals for yourself and your NEW you, as well as the life you plan to manifest.

Completion Day

A beautiful (and moving) closing ceremony to celebrate and honor the NEW YOU. You’ve gone through some major  TRANSFORMATIONS, you’ve shed old patterns and beliefs that had kept you stuck! You’ve taken full responsibility for your own life. You’ve  “done the work” -  and now you’re embodying the phenomenal powerful woman that you are  - and you’re living the life that you came here to live!

It's Time

Every day I talk to two different groups of women: one group has put off taking their lives seriously. The other has claimed their power and are living the lives of their dreams.

The first group has done their homework. They’ve read the books, gone to therapy, taken courses, hired coaches because they have felt the nagging feeling of somehow being dissatisfied or disappointed  with how their life is working out.

But somehow, they always fall short of that one BIG STEP that will take them to the edge and take the leap towards living the FULLNESS and GREAT-FULL-NESS of the life they came here to live. 

They tend to say "I'll get around to it soon" or wait until tomorrow. Soon becomes later, or maybe, or never. But, dear sisters, remember, it's the power of NOW that works, not the power of SOON.

My dream, dear ones, is for ALL women to be in the second group, the ones who are claiming their full expressed, divine lives.

Don’t wait another minute. You won’t regret it. The Universe is here to support you. I am here to guide you. Your LIFE is waiting for YOU.

A Few of the Common Questions

"I feel like I walked into this alone, and  I'm walking out with this whole network of support around me..."

- Lillian S.


"It's a whole new sense of trust that I have when I wake up in the morning. And it's like every cell in my being and in my body just knows that it's going to be okay. And that is such a different way to navigate through life."

-Tulip T.

"I felt like it was a group that was very invested in the process, and really able to support one another through their growth... "

-Andrea P.


"I feel like I shed layers and layers of this heaviness that was holding me back and now I'm starting to become the woman that I want to be..."

-Supreet C.

"If you're really ready to get to another level with yourself and with understanding who you are and how to get to where you want to go ... then this is a really good program for you. "

-Casey H.



Say YES to the Power of Co-creation.

Say YES to the truth and beauty of YOU.

Say YES to your DIVINE self and your beautiful LIFE.


Who is Sand?

Sand is a modern medicine woman, empowerment coach, spiritual teacher, shamanic practitioner, intuitive healing guide and entrepreneur.

Sand has been guiding women to step into their power and claim their voices. As a guide, mentor, teacher and sacred mirror, Sand helps women move through old patterns, karmic ties, shadows of the past, childhood trauma, relationship break ups, health issues and lack of self-worth. She helps women transform these old patterns of behaviors to becoming the Truth of who they really are: powerful, radiant Women Rising. 

Through Sand’s unique methodology - The Deep Dive - she weaves together ancient shamanic wisdom and modern personal development to guide women to leading the lives of their dreams. She’s also built an online community, Rise As She, to create the empowering sisterhood we’ve all been waiting for!


"Sand is a powerful. loving. full of light teacher, healer, divine energy warrior Goddess, that carriers us all into the Truth, Love & Light."

"Sand is wise beyond worlds and dimensions. She is a truth seeker and teacher. An incredible healer. A true dancer of Life!"

"I felt seen and held in a profound way. Over the course of our work together I developed a deep sense of being at home, lovingly, within myself. Sand has a real gift for working in a way that is both spiritual and practical, mystical but also this-worldly. She is a true healer in all senses of the word, and does her work from a place of wanting to help all beings light up, so the world can be a brighter place. I feel blessed to have crossed paths with her on my journey."