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Opportunities to Work with Me
& Connect to the Sacred


There are several opportunities for you to attend meditation classes with me, or for us to create events specifically for your audience. Every class is an experience, whole and complete, in itself, or can be offered as part of an ongoing series. I am blessed to be invited to teach at different venues and centers throughout the Bay Area and beyond.


To see a list of all upcoming events please visit my Events Page, which contains clear guidance on how to book.


Shamanic Journey

We spend the majority of our waking lives interacting with the world around us, often forgetting the other realm of non-ordinary reality in which we are a part. Take this opportunity to journey within ourselves and beyond the ordinary to a realm where spirits and ancestors await to heal, help and guide us.

In my Shamanic Journey classes I fuse shamanic traditions, energy movement and visualization to help us find the insight, connection and guidance that serves our intentions. These classes are typically 1 - 2 hours and can be offered in a variety of venues. 



Medicine for the Soul

Each of us carry a unique combination of  medicines (qualities and gifts) which are our inner compass to meet life’s challenges in order to help us to hear the whispers deep inside our soul. Welcome to your inner medicines.

This circle will support you in finding both your Sun Medicines and Moon Medicines (shadow) and begin the journey of True Alchemy and deepest transformation.In the safety of the space I hold we travel with guided visualization to find our Spirit guides, ancestors and other messengers to help us hear any messages and discover the inner resources most needed to support you in this moment. These classes are typically 1 - 2 hours and can be offered in a variety of venues. 



Conversations with Sand

I love offering these intimate women-only salons where we share deep conversation in this ancient, sacred and much-needed forum, a circle of women. I humbly offer my teachings to help us tap into our divine feminine and live in our truth, moving through life like water, with ease, flow and grace.

These evenings can be hosted by anyone willing to provide their home or community space, as a venue and invite open-hearted and curious girl friends to join the conversation. We have a proven template that makes these events intimate, powerful and fun.