Sand Symes



Ceremonies & rituals

“A circle of women may be the most powerful force known to humanity.”


New Moon Ceremony

I offer Monthly Sacred Water Ceremonies on the occasion of the new moon. Through ritual, meditation and prayer, I guide us in opening the way to fresh intentions for our selves and the greater whole. Together, sitting in circle, we will co-create a container of trust and safety where we can open our hearts, share our truths and connect with spirit.

The New Moon always represents new beginnings - symbolic of the second chance we are given again and again, and is an ideal time to call in the new and shed the old. It is likened to a seed planted in fertile ground that flourishes as the coming lunar cycle advances, to begin anew. To view the upcoming dates and book, visit here.



Bespoke Ceremonies and Rituals

I am always happy to help provide an element of ritual to events or to lead ceremonies for your special occasions. As we slowly lose touch with the moments of initiation that help us navigate through the stages of life, and as we pass thresholds in a blur amidst our busy lives, it can help to slow down and mark some of these moments - births, beloveds passing, sacred unions and anniversaries included.

The most magic happens when we co-design this part of your event, adding my experience and resources to your intentions. Please contact me if this is interesting to you.