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Please take your time to complete these questions, which are designed to help Sand discover whether you are a good fit for the program and whether it is a good fit for your needs.

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The Radical Visionary Mastermind is designed to transform you and your leadership. To apply for this program we need to ensure that you have a realm in your life in which you are a leader, where you can make an impact and realize your vision, whatever it is. For some this is a business or entrepreneurial role, for some it is a side-hustle waiting to become your main focus. There are numerous realms where you can apply your leadership, please tell Sand about yours.

Also, please note that the Radical Visionary Mastermind is a 12 month commitment and a five figure investment for the duration. 

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What is your preferred name?

Question 3 of 14

What is the best phone number to reach you?

Question 4 of 14

Where did you learn about Sand and/or this program? Who, if anyone, referred you to us?

Question 5 of 14

What attracted you to applying to this program? 

Question 6 of 14

In which realms of your life are you acting as a leader? Which of these will be your focus in this program? And how much experience do you have as a leader in this realm?

Question 7 of 14

What currently are your greatest challenges in your leadership?

Question 8 of 14

What would you like to see happen for yourself and your leadership realm over the next 12 months and beyond? Please be as specific as possible. 

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How much time and energy are you prepared to invest in your leadership so that you can achieve the results that you want?

Question 10 of 14

To what level are you willing to invest in your growth and transformation?


$1,500-$2,500 /month


$2,500-$3,500 /month


$3,500-$6,500 /month

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What is it worth to you to transform your current level of dissatisfaction into a sustainable, abundant, aligned, joyful life as a leader in this realm? What are you willing to do and what are you not willing to do?

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Have you been coached by other coaches in the past? If so, what would they say about how you showed up in the coaching relationship?

Question 13 of 14

In the event we decide we are a good fit and decide to work together, how soon do you want to get started?

Question 14 of 14

Is there anything else that you would like Sand to know about you?

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